You’ll Be Surprised When You See What These Past Golden Age Stars Look Like Now

Max Baer Jr – AGE 83

One of the fantastic and living legends in the industry is no other than Max Baer Jr, and he started to create his career when he is known for different things. He is a screenwriter, producer, director but is best known as an actor. The veteran star rose to fame as Jethro Bodine, the dim-witted nephew of Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen), on the long-running television series Beverly Hillbillies. The 83-year-old star is said to be the last living cast member of the classic show after the death of his co-star, Donna Douglas, in 2015.

However, before he joined the entertainment world, he graduated from Santa Clara University with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Thus, it is no wonder it is easy for him to leave the acting industry because many plans lie inside his head. Having an educational background is indeed a wise investment he made because regardless of which career he would want to walk, it is always in a win-win situation.