There’s No Place Like Home: These Celebrities Never Left Their Hometowns

It doesn’t matter how successful these celebrities become in Hollywood; they will always return to their roots. They live at high-profiled real estate properties from Los Angeles to New York, where most of the biggest stars have at least one home. However, since some of them are incredibly wealthy these days, more often or not, these celebrities would always purchase a piece of land in the same city where they grew up. The Beverly Hills mansions with gorgeous infinity pools and the luxurious penthouses on the Upper East Side aren’t enough to make these stars feel at home. Maybe nothing beats going back to the place where they spent most of their childhood.

It might even come as a shock to you when you realize that most of our favorite stars are living in their hometown. Once in a while, they might be living in the city of angels’ concrete jungle; whenever they are working on a movie project, they come home to places such as Ohio, Alabama, Tennessee, and many more. They put a lot of their investment money on these properties because it is worth it. Here are some celebrities living in small towns away from the paparazzi; some might even be living next door.

Kevin Jonas | New Jersey

Kevin Jonas is known for being a Disney child star. The now 33-year-old and his brothers Nick and Joe used to be a part of the popular boy band called The Jonas Brothers. Unlike his brothers, Kevin chose a quiet life away from the spotlight.As of 2021, with a jaw-dropping net worth of $40 million, Kevin must have a financial advisor who helps him keep track of his growing assets. He has been happily married to his wife Danielle Deleasa since December 19, 2009.

They now share two beautiful daughters, Alena Rose and Valentina Angelina. This little family has a lot of property investments in the Garden State because Kevin was practically born at Teaneck, New Jersey and born at Wyckoff. In fact, some of it was designed by the custom home company that Kevin himself co-founded. It makes sense that these love birds live in a $2.5-million mansion in New Jersey with their beautiful kids.