Let’s See Who Has A Crush On Who In Hollywood!

You couldn’t possibly think of anyone you know who doesn’t have a crush on anybody else, right? Celebrities are no exception. After all, if they can have short and long-term relationships, that means they have crushes too. It is pretty common for them to get involved with their fellow stars.

In fact, some of the younger Hollywood A-listers are known for being star-struck when they are given the opportunity to meet their celebrity crushes for the first time. Some of their crushes range from being relatable. After all, who doesn’t have a crush on Johnny Depp? To the most outrageous ones like Jennifer Lawrence gushing over Larry David, that’s just simply shocking. Even Jason Sudeikis’ crush back in college is surprising. It turns out he once had the hots for Ellen DeGeneres in the past, and it was because of her dazzling blue eyes and great sense of humor. However, we have to appreciate the degree of honesty and bravery these stars show, given the fact that not all of us can announce who our crushes are to the entire world.

Adam Rippon on Shawn Mendes

Former figure skater Adam Rippon is one of the best athletes out there. In 2010, he won the Four Continents Championships and the United States National Championships in 2016. Adam also gained recognition at the 2018 Winter Olympics, when he received a bronze medal at the skating team event.

Many of his fans adore him for his impeccable skills and talent at figure skating, but they also look up to him for being brave and being true to himself. Adam is openly gay, and like many celebrities, he, too, was getting smitten by his fellow stars, admitting that he once had a huge crush on Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhall. However, it wasn’t until he realized how cute Shawn Mendes was, did he fall head-over-heels for him, which was something he revealed in an interview he had with Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. We ought to give some credit to Shawn for being such a good sport. The two then shared a picture which Adam captioned with one word alone, “BRUH.”