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Sixty Of The Weirdest Clubs And Societies Worldwide

In junior and senior high school, we are often encouraged, even required, to join clubs. There are various types of clubs, from the glee club to the Math club and the theater club. We were able to explore our weird and creative sides because of these organizations. Forming clubs, however, is not just limited to high school. Forming societies is a normal human instinct. Even during prehistoric times, humans had congregated to increase their numbers so that they could be protected from wild animals. The more people there are, the more they can also accomplish.

The same goes for modern clubs and societies. We form them because we share the same aspirations, goals, and interests. Financial advisors, for example, can come up with their own club and study how they can best provide suggestions to the people. The same goes for those interested in fishing or the arts. But not all clubs are conventional, there are also those that most would see as atypical or weird, and we have compiled a list of those.

Concrete Canoe Club – University of Wisconsin-Madison


Believe it or not, a group of civil engineering students had come up with a way for concrete to float on water. Usually, due to its density and weight, it would not, but engineers and students in the 1960s were undaunted. They formed this organization so that they can compete in concrete canoe competitions. For 2020, the UW–Madison ASCE chapters sponsored an event where participants were required to present design papers, an oral presentation, a final product, and the water race. They even have a national competition! Surprising as it may be, this is quite revolutionary as engineering students are challenged to come up with a good design, which they can even make an investment in the future.