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Barbara Eden – AGE 89

Barbara Eden maybe 89 years old today, but she doesn’t even look half her age. She made her first-ever television appearance on The Johnny Carson Show. From there, her career began. The beloved actress has since been often seen on television and stage performances. It also opened the door for her to be in the movie industry, starring in different films like A Private’s Affair, Swingin’ Along, and Flaming Star, where she played opposite the rock legend Elvis Presley.

Eden was best known for the American sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, where she played the lead titular character. The actress has yet to retire and still has a movie coming up this year. Even at 89, she remains enthusiastic when it comes to working. Regardless of her age, the acting veteran is still motivated by the things she’s been doing for a long time. Given her excellent money management, she has undoubtedly saved enough money for her to enjoy retirement.