Recently, Celine Dion became the talk of the town when people saw her drastic weight loss. It surprised everyone to see how she became extremely skinny, which made people worry about her health. But, according to Celine, her current appearance is making her feel more beautiful than before. She also assured everyone that she’s not sick and that she’s very healthy. She credits her ballet practices because it helped her lose those extra pounds.

Rumors about her not being healthy and that she is experiencing some eating disorders were shut down because of this. Ballet practices are not only good to help you lose weight, but will also teach you how to be disciplined. There is no question that Celine was devastated by the loss of her husband. Other than that, Celine is recovering slowly but surely, and fans need not to worry about her new skinny look. Celine assured us all that she is doing fine and is healthy. We’re pretty sure that Celine is now making all the right investments when it comes to her health and well-being.