A Glimpse Of A Celeb Kid’s Life

While the lives of common kids are unlike theirs, these kids paint a picture of how some may or may not be different from them as they are the children of the rich and the famous. They are the young ones or the once young who have almost always been invited to every prestigious Hollywood and socialite events across their country and even the world. Though they may not exactly show what the real Hollywood lifestyle is, they at least give us a glimpse of the effects their parents’ lifestyle has on them. After all, they are the children of the famous in the Industry. For this Hollywood view, people give these kids the credits for showing them how the world around them has affected them.


As is known to all, Sean Penn has twice won the Academy Award, while Robin Wright has played the heroine Jenny of “Forrest Gump”. They were married in 1996. After 14 years of marriage, they agreed to divorce in 2010. Robin Wright and Sean Penn have a daughter named, Dylan Frances Penn. Having a set of good-looking parents who are actually now divorced, may have not been okay with her from the start but she has somehow weathered through it and has diverted her focus on building her own career.

As many have suspected, she has pursued one in the industry of fashion by modeling. Premier Model Management, which is famous for cultivating many excellent models, has signed a contract with her and believes that her future in front of the camera is beyond doubt. However, quite recently, she has shifted her interest to acting has started to earn a good amount from her investment in it.