While the lives of common kids are unlike theirs, these kids paint a picture of how some may or may not be different from them as they are the children of the rich and the famous. They are the young ones or the once young who have almost always been invited to every prestigious Hollywood and socialite events across their country and even the world. Though they may not exactly show what the real Hollywood lifestyle is, they at least give us a glimpse of the effects their parents’ lifestyle has on them. After all, they are the children of the famous in the Industry. For this Hollywood view, people give these kids the credits for showing them how the world around them has affected them.


As is known to all, Sean Penn has twice won the Academy Award, while Robin Wright has played the heroine Jenny of “Forrest Gump”. They were married in 1996. After 14 years of marriage, they agreed to divorce in 2010. Robin Wright and Sean Penn have a daughter named, Dylan Frances Penn. Having a set of good-looking parents who are actually now divorced, may have not been okay with her from the start but she has somehow weathered through it and has diverted her focus on building her own career.

As many have suspected, she has pursued one in the industry of fashion by modeling. Premier Model Management, which is famous for cultivating many excellent models, has signed a contract with her and believes that her future in front of the camera is beyond doubt. However, quite recently, she has shifted her interest to acting has started to earn a good amount from her investment in it.


Daughter of world-known, legendary singer and musician, Lionel Richie, Sofia Richie has been making headline news lately in social media especially when Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-husband, Scott Disick started to date her. Of course, prior to the news, she has already been known as Lionel Richie’s daughter and does have the camera’s turned her way to see if she would soon take steps of pursuing the same career as her father’s.

Apparently, although immersed deep in the field of modeling, Sofia shows to be having the talent of her father. However, modeling has been having more weight on her. People are sure of one thing though, she’s been taught about having good investment planning. She has already collaborated with many companies in fashion design, she said her ultimate objective was to expand into a fashion line and set up a beauty company.


The Rolling Stones’ frontman, Mick Jagger’s daughter with supermodel Jerry Hall is Georgia May Jagger who has been making a name on her own in the world of modeling. At the age of 16, Georgia May Jagger entered the fashion industry following the footstep of her mum and sister Lizzy Jagger. Taking after her mother’s good looks and model features, Georgia May Jagger is set to take herself a degree higher in the industry but, of course, not without hard work.

Owing to her illustriously thick lips, blonde hair with large curves and outstanding gap-toothed looks, She quickly established her own distinctive style. Social media and the fashion news have it that Georgia is easily one of the sought-after models in her generation today and there’s just so much for her to thread on in the field. For sure with her parents’ to guide her, there’s so much she just can do and so far she can go.


Halle Berry initially got her start as a fashion model and found her potential by participating in many pageants. Then she moved into acting. In 2002, Berry won the 74th Academy Award for this film, which means that her career path was changed successfully. She is the mother of the beautiful, Nahla Ariela Aubry with her model ex-husband, Gabriel Aubry.

Before their eventful 2010 divorce proceeding with only the best team of lawyers, they were once the couple who love to keep things private. Somewhere along it has gone cold and both have to fight for the custody of this ex-couples’ lovely, young Nahla at that time. But because of their great love for her, they were able to come into agreement. Now, ready to face the world, Nahla Ariela Aubry is seen more and more publicly in the company of her mother looking all happy and secured.


Stephen Curry is one of the best active point guards in the league. After entering the NBA through the draft in 2009, he has been playing for the Golden State Warriors. Stephen Curry’s wife is a cooking television personality, Ayesha Disa Curry. They are blessed with three children. Riley is the most popular of the three kids. She made her an instant hit in 2015. She stole the show when her father was speaking at the press conference. Since then, This cute girl has become a web celebrity.

Riley has already taken over some catwalk shows. Her first performance was in 2015 with a children’s fashion brand. With a set of parents possessing incredible skills and talent, she can choose whichever to develop and emulate as her own. Or people all can just wait and see what this lovely darling can be in the near future. For sure, with the investments to her name, she is set for life debt-free.


Celine Dion, one of the most popular female singer of Grammy Awards, thanks to her gentle but powerful voice, she has won a series of dizzying awards and set a record of 130 million sales worldwide, becoming one of the world’s best-selling female artists. Celine Dion and the late, Rene Angelil’s son, Rene Charles is their eldest son together. Though patriarch, Rene is no longer around after passing in 2016, the family remains intact and strong amidst the loss.

What’s more, they keep together and become more supportive of each other, as Celine Dion with Rene Charles’ pursuit in the music industry through his online channel on Soundcloud. With his parent’s investments, they’re future is secured anyway so what’s important now is that they pursue their passion even if the earnings from it will come later. Rene Charles shows so much promise and is sure to make a mark in the music industry on his own.


Lorraine Nicholson is the daughter of Jack Nicholson and Rebecca Broussard who decided to pursue a career following her parents in Hollywood. The show biz industry is not new to her as even as a young child she would appear accompanying her parents to the awards events. So it only follows that she too would probably do the same when she grows older.

True enough, in 2003, she earned her first movie credit in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give. In 2011, she played a breakout role in “Soul Surfer”, finally made her own name in the industry and one recognized for her role rather than who her parents were. Then She started to dip into film directing in 2013 and direct music videos for musicians. In 2017, The film “Life Boat” which was rated as “full of tension and attraction” earned her fame at the Tribeca Film Festival. The media described her as the next pioneer film producer in Hollywood.


21-year-old Reese Witherspoon met Ryan Phillips at her birthday party. Then they fell in love at first sight and held a small wedding ceremony in a plantation. Ava Philippe is the beautiful daughter of them. Being the daughter of equally well-known parents in Hollywood made her life uncomfortably public with paparazzi here and there waiting to get a snapshot of their family.

While many are excited for the ex-couples children to take the Hollywood spotlight, Ava, their daughter, on the other hand, is busy finishing her college degree at UC Berkeley. She is an artist with great potential and talent. She likes clay sculpture, painting, photography. She often publishes her own sketches and her photography works on social media. There’s no telling if he’ll ever venture into an acting career but what is sure is that she was raised smart by her parents despite all that they had to go through as a family.


Rosie O’Donnell, a well-known American talk show host who has been called “Queen of Nice”. As a public figure, no matter how sensitive the issue is, she can always speak out her true thoughts in her heart straightforwardly. Rosie O’Dоnnеll and Kelli Carpenter, together, had four children in their marriage. One of their four children is their daughter, Chelsea Belle O’Donnell, who, by the way, is a mom, herself now.

Considering the bad reports about the mom and daughter relationships that filled the entertainment news in the past, it’s quite great to have a piece of good news about them now. Surely, it did take a change of status on Chelsea’s end to realize her need for her mother. Since then, they both have been the closest they’ve ever been, and that kind of relationship surpasses any investment money at stake.


Eddie Murphy is a comedian who debuted on a talk show. He showed his talent with good eloquence in hosting the TV program “Saturday Night Live”. As an outstanding comedian, most of his movies are very popular, and the roles he played are impressive. Briа Murрhу is the daughter of the famous Eddie Murphy, and she seemed to be rocking the film industry with her talents.

For sure, she must’ve been well briefed by her father about the ways in Hollywood as she looks like she’s breezing her way through. Bria is very keen not to use her father’s name in the course of her career and so far it has been doing great for her. It can be said so, not because of her father but because her co-workers solidly vouch for her and how they have appreciated her good work ethics. Now whatever success comes her way in Hollywood, much credit should go to her hard work.


Sandra Bullock is a preeminent actress who can meticulously explore the psychology of every character and be close to the prototype in the process of acting. Bullock’s career reached its peak because of the movie “The Blind Side”. As a famous celebrity, Sandra Bullock is also known for her passion for advocating adoption. In fact, her beloved son, Louis Bardot is one she got through the process, despite her just getting out of divorce proceedings at that time from ex-husband Jesse James.

With the help of good lawyers, she was able to win custody and adoption of Louis. Bullock treats this adopted child Louis as her own. Once in an interview, she told the media not to call her kids adopted children. People are confident that whatever Louis Bardot would want to become one day, he is not only already set for it but for sure he’ll do well at it to show his mom his gratefulness for her love for him.


Heidi Klum, 1.76 meters tall, hazel eyes, blonde hair, countless rich men and celebrities fell for her. In 1992, After winning the championship of “Model 92”, Heidi Klum quickly signed a contract with Metropolitan Models and started catwalks in Paris, Milan, New York. From then on, She has continuously received contracts from major fashion companies and become one of the most well-known supermodels today.

Musician Seal and supermodel, Heidi Klum had a daughter they named, Lou Sulоlа Sаmuеl. Despite the couple’s eventful split, Lou grew up to be a lovely child. With her Mom Heidi being super talented not only in modeling but even in fashion designing and doing business, Lou may get pressured to keep up. But as a mother would never pressure her child like that, for sure, she’ll have her mom’s full support when she’s old enough to know what she wants to do and be.


In 2014, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt held their wedding in a private church in France. They only invited their close relatives and friends to attend and their six children witnessed this moment. The ex-Hollywood power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s second child is Zahara Marley Jоliе-Pitt. As it is no news to the media that the couple is very active advocates of adoption, it’s nothing new for adopted children to belong in their family and Zahara is one of them whom they got from Addiѕ Abаbа, Ethiорiа.

It was back in 2005 when their lawyers processed her adoption. However, years later her parents went through a divorce and as messy as it got to see their parents legally fight their hardest for the custody of their children, the whole Jolie-Pitt sibling held tightly together. Yet again in 2017, news about Zahara’s biological mom sprung up. People are unsure whether there’ll be likely another lawsuit for custody of her.


Being the controversial daughter of Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead, it may become uncomfortable with Dаnniеlуnn Birkhead to recall how firsts news about her has been all about her paternity case which became very public back then. Her mother Anna, a former playboy model was once married to oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall and was given a huge legacy. 7-month-old Dаnniеlуnn got the inheritance after her mother’s accident and became the richest baby.

There were three men fighting for her custody at the time. With results finally coming in proving that she is indeed the daughter of Larry, the newspaper has long been stormed of photos of her. With so much to endure as a growing child, what is sure is that his father is with her through it all. And with her finally proven his daughter, it could be said that her future is already set with most of her father’s investments might eventually be transferred to her name.


Marie Osmond became famous for a variety show “Donny & Marie” which was produced by the American Broadcasting Corporation and held by her and her brother Donnie. As a talented and successful singer, actress, although she has to be devoted to her career, she still raises 8 children. She and her husband Brian Blosil are some of the few celebrities who are comfortable with adoption. In fact, Abigail Osmond is their fifth child and the Osmonds’ second adopted daughter.

Even with her background, she seems to have grown up secured and confident in her family. Her mom, Marie would gush about her sweetness in social media and just shed happy tears for her daughter’s appreciation of her and what she does for all her eight children. If Abigail maintains such a positive attitude, it’s known that whether she follows her parents’ career or venture in other investments, she’ll do well and go far.


Actor James Marsden’s son, Jack Marsden has already made waves and marks in the fashion industry by modeling his way through. For his craft, this young man is already well-traveled because of his career and has been earning investments in his name. As he is currently still at his peak, a standstill on his college may do and even though there’s no telling yet whether he’ll be back to earn a college diploma or not, people are sure he’ll make it far with what he does now. But would his father allow him? People know like every parent they’ll always be there for their children no matter what.

Playing the main role in the X-Men film series helped James Marsden rise to fame. Applauses and praise came and surrounded him. With regard to his own personal life, James Marsden and Mary Elizabeth Marsden were married on July 22, 2000. Although this couple got children after a few years, their close relationship went to an end.


Since the 2000s, Sheen has been widely known as a movie actor, especially his role in various biographical films. Sheen won prolonged applause and honor for his outstanding acting: Five Oscar nominations, Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Director has been included. As for the actor’s personal life, Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen’s daughter is the lovely Lily Mo Sheen who has been making a name herself in Hollywood.

She has been making waves as she puts herself and her talents out there for fans to see how she was able to inherit her parents’ good genes of good looks and talent in films. Despite the mark she’s making, she seems to know very much her priority in life. So while acting may have to take a break as she proceeds to college and finishes her degree, people are sure that for as long as her talent is alive in her, anytime she can always go back to acting.


Pamela Anderson and drummer of the band, Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee, had the wildest whirlwind romance that bore two handsome boys, Brandon and Dylan. Many may have been on the lookout and referred to their marriage to be fleeting, but so far they have proven them all wrong. With their boys currently doing great in modeling being signed with the right agency and working with the big and high-end brands, D&G and Yves Saint Laurent, people know that they’ll go far.

So far the boys did right by putting their efforts and investments in the right field as they are now, earning big and hitting it big time. Also, Brandon, showing signs of inheriting their mother’s talent might do great to try the film industry. While Dylan, the younger of the two might as well follow suit his father. As of 2011, Pamela Anderson has become the model with the highest frequency (13th time) on the cover of Playboy magazine in history, far more than anyone else.


Teri Hatcher and Jon Tenney had been together for more than a decade before they hired a team of lawyers for their divorce. However, They were blessed with a lovely child who is now grown to be a fine young lady. This is where Emerson Rose Tenney comes into the equation. She’s also following in the footsteps of her parents in show business and already appeared in a couple of films. Although she’s been quiet recently, people might see a huge comeback from her in the coming future so be on the lookout for her name in Hollywood.

For Teri Hatcher, several roles by degrees increased her popularity such as Lois Lane in The New Adventures of Superman, Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives which helped her to become the winner of the Best Actress in Golden Globe Award in 2005. In Desperate Housewives, she played Susan Mayer longing for family life and marriage. Lately, countless and prolonged applause, honor and temptation came one after another.


The television personality Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott has been together for almost one and a half decades already. After they both hired a divorce lawyer for their first marriages, the couple then entered a new relationship with each other and exchanged vows with each other a few months later. Their relationship gave them five talented and gorgeous looking children and one of them is Stella Doreen McDermott. She will be entering her early teenage years in the coming years and she might have plans to enter the entertainment scene just like what her parents did.

Since his appearance on TV as an actor, Dean McDermott has gradually taken on several starring roles in a couple of TV movies, including Always and Forever, A Christmas Visitor, etc. In the meantime, he is also full of interest and talent in cooking. In 2013, he outshone other rivals and became the winner in a TV show. Lately, he even published a cookbook entitled The Gourmet Dad.


Olivia Washington is the daughter of the famous actor, Denzel Washington, and the actress Pauletta Washington. For those who don’t know, she’s the other half of the Washington twins, which also shares the youngest slots in the bunch. She just recently turned 29 but already had a solid credit rating for her name after she appeared in a couple of movies in the past years including the 2013 film The Butler, Sorry For Your Loss in 2016, and The Forever Tree a year later.

Olivia might continue her current path to stardom and she might reach the same level her parents set in the industry. As an actor who has won many considerable awards, Denzel Washington was commented like this: This is a great actor, the one who gives the versatility of his character, the one who reflects the real humanity of these dark characters by showing their struggles and pains, it’s really inspiring. The laurel crown was bestowed on him: three Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, and so on.


Michael Jackson was one of the greatest artists in pop music history. For example, his sixth album Thriller, published in 1982, with its sales of over 32 million copies all over the world by the end of 1983, became the best-selling one in 1983, lately of all time. It continuously occupied the top spot of the Billboard 200 chart for 37 weeks…

It has been over a decade since people heard the news that King of Pop, MJ has passed away, but it seems like it was just yesterday for Jackson’s die-hard fans. Good thing, his two children with Debbie Rowe, still continue his legacy. However, this time not as a singer but as a model and this is what Paris Jackson offers to the table. She has already signed a modeling contract and her future looks bright. She might not have to worry about money because of her work. Paris also showed flashes of her acting skills in a couple of music videos and she even appeared in movies.


The singer-songwriter and hitmaker Toni Braxton is one of the most successful individuals when talking about the achievements and fortune she got from her career. Her personal life can also be considered as successful as her professional career and one of the reasons for this is Dizel Ky Braxton-Lewis, Toni’s son with her former husband, Keri Lewis, right before they hired a divorce attorney for settling their differences.

Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis were married in 2001, and their close relationship lasted for 12 years. In 2013, their separation was announced to the public. On November 26, 2018, when Toni Braxton was in the Red Table Talk, she confessed to the unknown reasons for their breaking up: She found out that she had a lupus diagnosis in 2010. In addition to the mental pressure on her appearance, she was even unable to participate in business activities to support her family. The economic pressure and lack of care at the time caused her insecurities, thus the breakdown of their relationship.


Without a doubt, Dwayne The Rock Johnson is currently one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood thanks to his successful films and probably because of his background. For those who don’t know, the wrestling star, Rock Johnson since his first match has gradually gained worldwide recognition. His flying colors in several matches put him at the top of the world’s top wrestlers. Besides, Johnson also launched his own acting career in the role of Scorpion King who is totally a supernatural bad guy, in 2001’s film The Mummy Returns.

This time around, his daughter, Simone Alexandra Johnson is gearing up to take her place in the WWE ring. With this move, it will complete the cycle of their family having four-generation of wrestling superstars. The career she’s about to enter is a tough one and she already sorted out her credit cards so she could buy all the things she needs during her training days.


Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise used to be a power couple of Hollywood right before they employed a lawyer processing their divorce papers in 2001. However, during their decade-long relationship, they decided to adopt two children and one of them is the stunning Isabella Jane Cruise. She’s now grown up and became a fine, young lady. She also knows her way around businesses and established a couple of financial initiatives in the fashion scenes, namely her collections of t-shirts called BKC.

She’s clearly ahead of her time when it comes to properly steer her business venture in the right direction. In 1967, Nicole Kidman, the future Oscar winner, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, while her Australian parents were in the United States on student visas. Nicole Kidman loved and showed a talent for Ballet from quite early age: 3. At the same time, inspired by the performance of Margaret Hamilton as Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, Nicole Kidman was determined to become an actress…


Now when people talk about Big Bert, an American musician, they always mention his wife Brandy Norwood, an American singer. Their story happened during the production of Brandy Norwood’s album in 2001. Their relationship became known because of the birth of their first child, announced by Norwood herself in 2002. Despite the birth of the fruit of their love, this couple separated when their daughter was one year old. Robert Anthony talked about this relationship In 2004. Later, Norwood responded, she expressed her regret about that in front of the camera.

Though her parents already went their separate ways, Their genes and their influence are already in Syria Iman Smith’s blood. Even if her parents were both famous, it didn’t place her in a good position especially if people are talking about privacy. Since she is only in her teenage years, it might be best to get a solid home security system just to have that peace of mind that every person, not only celebrities need.


The American actor, host, and television personality, Mario Lopez, is probably one of the most well-known entertainment journalists in Hollywood today. He is also famous for his deep and lovely dimples on his cheeks. As for his wife, Courtney Mazza is also another gorgeous individual who had tons of talents, especially in dancing, singing, and acting. With that said, their daughter, Gia Francesca Lopez, is expected to have the majority, if not all the positive traits of her parents.

She may be still too young to consider this but people bet she’ll have enough investments already planned out by her parents. At the age of 47, Mario Lopez is still active on the TV screen. But at the beginning of his career, that was not the case. Mario Lopez loved and showed a talent for dance and song from quite early age: 3! After being discovered at a dance recital at the age of 10 years old, Mario Lopez gradually attracted some local advertisers and businessmen.


When talking about professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan is a name that will be mentioned. Brooke Hogan is one of the children of the famous professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. For those who don’t know who they are, Brooke was part of the reality television show Hogan Knows Best. She also released a couple of albums under her name. On the other hand, Hulk Hogan used to be part of the professional wrestling landscape as one of the talents in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) roster.

Hogan also appeared in a couple of wrestling promotions during his prime and his job made his credit score soared through the roof. There is an old saying that a wise goose never lays a tame egg. Hulk Hogan’s Daughter, Brooke Hogan follows in the footsteps of the wrestling star. Now the girl, who is well-versed in front of the camera, has become a reality show star and is also actively devoted to the music field, and has achieved some results.


Lila Moss is lucky to have a mom that’s considered a supermodel. Well, that’s none other than Kate Moss. Her father, on the other hand, is the publisher and the investment genius Jefferson Hack. With that kind of family background, people can clearly expect that she will be connected with the fashion scenes once she reaches the right age. people actually take it back and at the young age of seventeen, she’s already considered as a professional model who already had a couple of projects under her resume.

People can only imagine what’s in store for her in the years to come. In 1988, after her holidays in The Bahamas, Kate Moss of the days, a 14-year-old girl, was noticed by Sarah Doukas, founder of Storm Management, and was immediately signed at the airport. Although it was the mid-nineties of the last century when the “supermodel era” was declining, for the heroin chic fashion trend, the rise to fame of the British supermodel Kate Moss has indeed become a reality.


Remember Teresa Giudice? She once impressed viewers with the reality TV series The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Since she starred in the housewives series, she has co-published three cookbooks with others. More intriguingly, she has even published a book, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again, one of the best sellers, which details her own journey from reality star to the prisoner.

Gia Giudice is the star of a reality television show called The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She was just a little girl back then but now, she’s a full-fledged lady with the looks to boot. Her mother was one of the main players in the reality show, who is now an author of a couple of best-selling cookbooks. Over the years, she and her family endured a lot ranging from bankruptcy down to legal cases. However, it looks like Gia was able to manage herself properly through rough times. She might have plans in the future to join Hollywood again, who knows right?


The story behind Hailie Mathers and her father, Marshall Mathers who is also famous for his professional name Eminem. Their story was one of the most inspiring of the bunch. First off, a few days before her first birthday, disaster struck in the life of his father. The famous rapper back then was on the verge of bankruptcy and reached the point where he only got a couple of dollars left in his pocket. Good thing, Eminem was able to bounce back from their predicament and slowly became one of the most successful performers of his time. Hailie, on the other hand, is still busy with her studies.

It can be said that Eminem is one of the recognized rappers. Different from people’s popular belief that the role of the rapper is played by people of color, Eminem’s worldwide success and popular music works are widely considered as having broken the stereotype for the acceptance of white rappers in Hip-Hop.


When it comes to Michael Douglas, no one will deny his contribution to the American film and television industry, and thus countless and prolonged applause, honor and temptation came one after another. As for his personal life, you might as well look down. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas got married on November 18, 2000. Carys Zeta probably is enjoying her status as the youngest daughter of the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones and the talented Michael Douglas.

If those two genes combined, what can we expect, well, we can now include Carys Zeta into the equation. She’s currently in the teenage years and there are a lot of similarities between her and her mother. In fact, we will not be surprised if she’ll be a bigger star than both of her parents in the future. She’s currently busy with some of her modeling gigs and it is only a matter of time before she’ll hire a lawyer to sort out her contracts with production companies.


The team of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner used to be one of the biggest in Hollywood. Her bright performance in the ABC spy-action thriller television series Alias, broadcast from 2001 to 2006 made Jennifer Garner a famous star. In addition to her status as a movie star, she also cares about the hopes of humanity – children. Jennifer Garner participated in Save the Children as a board member. With this kind of star power, they can easily rock every show with their stunning acting performances and energetic charisma.

However, they hired a divorce lawyer and put an end to their relationship. During the span of their union, they have blessed with three children and one of them is Violet Affleck. She’s the eldest of the bunch and still in her early teenage years. We are also not sure if she is interested in making a name for herself as an actress just like both of her parents.


Jessica Simpson has multiple occupations. In addition to her well-known singer status, she is also actively involved in the fashion industry. Launched in 2005 with the Jessica Simpson line of clothes and other items, this brand has generated more than $1 billion in revenue. Besides her successful career, Simpson also has a girl who is equally outstanding.

Maxwell Drew Johnson is the daughter of the American singer and actress Jessica Simpson and with a mother of that stature, we can expect big things from her. She’s already a star in her own league even if she’s still not engaged in contracts with lawyers and such. Maxwell Drew is still yet to jump on her early teenage years but she’s already on pace with the other teenagers out there when it comes to beauty and charisma. She might end up following the steps her mother took and became one of the top artists in the industry.


Duncan Jones has shown a lot when it comes to his skills as a director, producer, and screenwriter. The most famous work that brought him fame and recognition is the 2009 film Moon, where he won a BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer. He also has his own unique perspective on fashion: In 2006, he directed the advertising campaign for the French Connection fashion brand, and thus reinvigorated the brand to some extent…

Well, what can we possibly expect coming from his lineage? We guess nothing short of spectacular, especially if your father is the legendary actor, singer and songwriter David Bowie, and the model-actress Angie Bowie. He’s currently on pace to be on par or even surpass the achievements both of his parents set during their primes and he doesn’t seem to need loans anytime soon.


Barbra Streisand is a glittering actress who has won two Academy AwardsWhile having a successful film career, Streisand’s music career was not left out. She has released 36 albums since 1963 and has topped the US album charts in each of the past 60 years, a record unsurpassed from 1964 to 2016…

When we combine the looks and talent of Barbra Streisand and her former husband, Elliоtt Gould, we can expect world-class talent. That’s what happened with their child, Jason Gould. Jason is a famous actor and singer, who also worked behind the scenes as a director, producer, writer. We can’t expect anything less from the combination of the most talented individuals in the entertainment scenes. Nowadays, he’s not that active in the industry anymore and he’s more focused on his investments. However, if there’s a chance, we bet that he’ll be screaming back into a Hollywood set if his business allows him.


There’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are currently one of the highest-paid celebrity couples In Hollywood and even all over the world. Well, for this girl who is ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ in reality, how does it feel? Becoming a daughter of a famous person is already hard but we think that nothing compared if you are the daughter of Kayne West and his wife Kim Kardashian.

First off, many financial advisors believed that her parents are one of the richest personalities in the industry. Second, they have enough influence to virtually make anything happen. North West is still young but she’s already well-versed in front of the camera. Probably she’ll have a huge potential in acting once she hits the right age. Well, we can only wait for what will happen in the future.


When talking about the world’s top 100 female singers, Celine Dion is a name that will be mentioned. In 1997, her performance of the ending song “My Heart Will Go On” for the movie “Titanic” pushed herself to win the 70th Oscar for Best Film Song. Celine Dion without a doubt is one of the most famous personalities in the industry today thanks to her powerful voice and her angelic tone.

Of course, with that kind of reputation, she and her family will easily be the target of many reporters that are looking for scoops about the family’s life. That’s what happened to the twins EDDIE & NЕLЅОN ANGЕLIL, during their childhood years. Good thing their house is filled with a top-notch home security system that will keep any unwanted guests away from our lawn. It shows that they don’t have any interest in singing just like what her mother did.


Remember wrestling star André the Giant? André René Roussimoff or professionally known as André the Giant was one of the most famous personalities in the professional wrestling ring during the 70s up until the early 90s. Despite being disabled, André the Giant since his first match has gradually gained worldwide recognition. His victories in several matches put him at the top of the world’s wrestlers list. In the meantime, besides his professional wrestling career, André the Giant also began to actively appear on television.

He battled against some of the icons when it comes to wrestling and he’s known for his big and sturdy stature. Though he passed away in 1993, he left behind one of his greatest treasures, his daughter, Robin Christensen-Roussimoff. He also left all of the investments he made to his daughter including his real estate investment in Ellerbe, North Carolina.


During the time when the superstars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were still together, they were always the talk of the town. As we all know, the former couple were also busy forming charities and launching their humanitarian campaigns. Because of their status and their fame, almost everybody wanted a big scoop from them. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, their daughter, is already a public figure because of her parents even at a young age. In fact, her first pictures were placed as part of their family investments in their charitable causes.

She has appeared in “Kung Fu Panda 3”. Shiloh has been a maverick since she was a child. She likes to break the rules and never goes against her own ideas according to others’ expectations of her. Now, she has become a teen icon in Hollywood because she has a great sense of style and staggering potential. She has traveled to most countries with her parents at such a young age.


Valentina Paloma Pinault is the only daughter of the beautiful actress Salma Hayek and the French billionaire and businessman François-Henri Pinault. At a very young age, people can clearly see a bright future ahead of this kid and she might not need any kind of loans in the future. She’s the sole receiver of all the love and affection from both of her parents. Not only that, but Valentina is also on her way to get a huge cash pool from her billionaire father as an added bonus.

Judging from all the things she had, she may be on her way towards a successful and extravagant life. However, Salma makes Valentina realize that she is enjoying a luxurious life, so she needs to do her best to help those who can’t even meet the basic material life. She indeed did it. She often participates in charity dinners and does something within her reach.


The eldest son of Hugh Hefner and Kimberly Conrad is on track to become successful using only his own talent and effort without any push coming from his famous father. For those who don’t know, Marston Hefner’s father, the late Hugh Hefner, was one of the most successful individuals with a solid background and investments in the publication realms. Hefner was the founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine. When he climbed to the top of his profession, his net worth was more than $200 million.

From the looks of things, his son, Marston, is joining the club but instead of entering the magazine publication landscape, he’s more focused on books and novels. In fact, he already published a book called Bleed. In recent years, his brother Cooper has been in charge of the operation of Playboy magazine, while Marston has ceased to be involved in the family firm.


Sydney Brooke Simpson is the eldest daughter of controversial American Football running back with the late German-American model Nicole Brown Simpson. She is now fully grown up and now become successful in the field of the real estate business. Though there were issues surrounding her father’s personal life, and despite growing up under the limelight, she and her brother remained low profile even up until today.

There was a long period of time when she felt very tortured. At that time, she was confronted with the sorrow for her mother’s accident and worried about her father’s trial, using the pseudonym to keep herself out of media and public attention. Even in the workplace, she tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. Now aside from her real estate business, she’s also involved with her brother managing their restaurant located in the heart of Los Angeles.


Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher may still be young but the blood running in her veins is coming from a bloodline of great talents. Yes, she is the daughter of the power couple “Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher”. Indeed, she has shown strong language talent since she was a child. According to his father Ashton Kutcher, when she was only two years old, she could speak three languages.

Hardcore fans of the couple are still wondering if the younger Kutcher will have plans following the steps of her parents. For now, she’ll have to focus on getting ready for school since she’s only five and it’s still way too early to place her under the limelight. Maybe one day, she’ll surprise people with her star potential or she’ll maybe venture in making her own investment and establish her own company.


The “TomKat” tandem was a big one back in the mid to late 2000s. They were almost in every entertainment news article during those years but the craze rose through the ceiling after they announced that they were expecting a child and that’s where Suri comes into the picture. Though she was still young when her parents hired a divorce lawyer and went their separate ways, she still grew up fine and now in her teenage years.

She started to practice ballet since she was a child and often took pictures in her cute ballet costume. Now she is attending a school in New York, and her tuition is as high as $50,000 per year. People are waiting to see if she has any plans on following the footsteps of her parents in show business or if she’ll take her talents elsewhere.


John Stamos became a household name thanks to his part in some of his projects during the 80s as Blackie Parrish during the early 80s run of General Hospital. However, his career hit the jackpot right after he and his lawyers signed his contract for a starting role as Jesse Katsopolis in the sitcom Full House. Soon after that, success followed him everywhere he went.

Just a couple of years ago, he dated the actress and model Caitlin McHugh. The two exchanged their vows and soon after announced that they were expecting their first child, Billy. John named his son using his deceased father’s name in memory of his role model in life. Remind himself at all times to fulfill his responsibilities as a father like his father Billy. There is no doubt that this kid has a bright future ahead.


Brigitte Nielsen is a Danish actress and model who made a name for herself in the entertainment scenes thanks to her stunning performances and good looks. She starred in a couple of films back in the 80s alongside Sylvester Stallone in movies such as Rocky IV. She also played a part in Beverly Hills Cop II. She shocked the entertainment landscape after she announced that she was expecting a child at the age of 54.

Although she received some criticism that she should not have gotten pregnant at this age, she believes that age should not be confined to live. “life is everyone’s own, so don’t waste time trying to be someone else. Just be yourself.” She said. The good thing for her, she finally got herself her first baby girl and she named it Frida. It can be sure that she’ll do everything just to keep her little princess far from the bankruptcy limit.


Magic Johnson is one of the most successful individuals when it comes to the game of basketball. He brought numerous gold chips during his stay in the NBA team Los Angeles Lakers and revolutionized the game with his fast-paced gameplay and flashy on-court moves. Aside from being an excellent player on the hardwood, he also showed great money management skills and cultivated a ton of cash with his smart moves.

With that said, his child, EJ Johnson easily earned a social status thanks to his family’s vast fortune. EJ became part of a reality television series named Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and followed it off with EJNYC. EJ has an innate love for fashion and design which industry he is now working hard in. Shockingly, EJ Johnson disclosed his sexual orientation and views on gender. Although Magic Johnson’s first reaction might be unacceptable, in the end, he still embraced his child with understanding and love.


The talented Bryce Dallas Howard without a doubt got her genes from her father, the award-winning actor, and filmmaker, Ron Howard. However, don’t let that fool all people as the younger Howard can carry herself right in front of her father’s achievement without using Ron Howard’s influence.

Right before she got her degree in her college years at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, she worked on Broadway theaters as an actress. She left her studies and continued to work as a stage actress until she got discovered by the director M. Night Shyamalan and invited her to his 2004 film The Village. From then on, her streak of success brought her up in Hollywood rankings. Howard has also been trying to develop her ability in directing. In 2019, she owns a documentary film she directed by herself named “Dad”.


Willard Carroll Smith III or simply Trey Smith, is the eldest son of the Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith.
The tabloids and gossip media questioned the relationship between Will and this eldest son. But maybe this is not the case. Perhaps no one can conclude that the relationship between himself and his family has always been close for decades, without quarrels and conflicts. Who knows… We might not hear much news from him unlike his younger siblings, Jaden and Willow, but he got exceptional talents in music just like his father.

Though he appeared in a couple of his father’s music videos and shows, acting may not be his cup of tea. What he excelled at would be his passion for music. He placed a couple of investments in music equipment and tried his luck as a DJ at famous Hollywood venues. He truly has his father’s blood running through his veins.


Remember Jack Nicholson? It’s possible that the role of J. J. “Jake” Gittes in Chinatown, an American mystery and thriller film published in 1974, in which he starred, has been the shadow of many people. Different from the cruel image on the screen, Nicholson has a well-rounded family. Jack Nicholson and Rebecca Broussard were blessed with an exceptional son who looks exactly like his father.

Aside from his looks, Ray also got his father’s acting prowess in his bag of skills and joined the entertainment scene as an actor. What’s more interesting, he also ventured working behind the scenes as an assistant director. He did all of these without using his father’s sphere of influence and did it using his sheer talent and effort for his craft. Whatever the case may be, we are sure that he’ll be out from the clutches of bankruptcy anytime soon.


People may be familiar with the name Sarah Jessica Parker thanks to her role as Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO television series. Lately, this role is even considered to be one of the most representative female characters in the United States television history. Furthermore, Sarah Jessica Parker and her spouse Matthew Broderick were blessed with two gorgeous daughters as twins, namely Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell.

They first made a huge impact in the entertainment scene after they got spotted at the 2018 NYC Ballet together with their mom. With such many eyes on the twins, people can’t stop themselves comparing how beautiful the twins had become throughout the years. Their whole family seems to be living happily together and they mostly spend their free time in their real estate investment in County Donegal, Ireland. This area has a lot of significance to Matthew Broderick’s childhood since this is where he used to stay during summertime.


Tom Brady, one of the best American Football players in the NFL roster, used to date the actress and model Bridget Moynahan during the 2000s. Even though their relationship didn’t last long as many fans hoped for, they were blessed with a wonderful son. This is when John Edward Thomas Moynahan entered the picture. At the start, the kid may have had a rough childhood especially considering that he was still in her mother’s womb when the two separated. His parents settled their differences for the sake of their son. Maybe he’ll not need any loans in the future given his parents’ fortunes.

Out of his athlete status, Tom is interested in body shape. It is commonly believed that keeping maintenance is the matter that female stars focus on. To everyone’s surprise, however, hiding behind Tom Brady’s strong body is such a healthy diet and lifestyle: High-calorie foods such as sugar, flour, gluten, dairy products have never appeared on his food list…


Grown-up in a musical family where his father Billy Ray Cyrus is a well-known country music singer, Noah Cyrus is likely to have inherited her father’s musical genes from an early age. Well, we could say that her whole family bloodline sports good skills in almost all areas when we are talking about overall entertainment packages. Of course, it is not known whether her rise to fame was partly decided by her father.

Although her sister, Miley Cyrus may have a higher net worth than her by a long shot, it will not be enough to put her under the bankruptcy limit anytime soon. There’s little to no argument that Noah Cyrus was born with exceptional talent. And based on how her career is running right now, she will never come close to the borderline. There are lots of projects currently lined up for her and will hear it in the coming months.


Singing might be part of Paula Carlene Nelson and her father Willie Nelson. For those who don’t know, we will give you some refresher. Willie Nelson was one of the most successful country music artists back in the day especially after he released his album Shotgun, Willie, back in the early 70s. As one of the leading figures in Outlaw country, Willie Nelson is considered as one of the most recognized artists in country music.

Country music became a big part of their careers as it became their lead genre in the industry. Her father became a world-class performer and she also showed flashes of her father’s genes in a couple of albums she released during the 2000s. Even though the older Nelson filed a bankruptcy in the latter part of his career, we doubt that it will happen to Paula.


It is very rare that the entertainment industry has come across a personality that has an all-around talent. With that said, Bette Midler was an exception to this rule. At that time, committed to all-round development, she was not satisfied with her status as the darling of several music awards. So in 1979, the audience saw her satisfactory answer sheet: The Rose. She showed talents in all facets of the industry. She can sing, can write songs. Bette can also act and work behind the scenes as a producer. What more can you ask for?

Her daughter, Sophie von Haselberg is also showing signs of following her mother’s footsteps under the limelight. Sophie first got her degree at Yale University and later worked overseas. After a few years, she tried her luck acting and it might become her main profession in the coming years.


Meryl Streep is considered one of the top actresses in the industry. She brought home numerous awards and nominations in her bag and along with that, she solidified her credit ratings by supplying tons of fortune in her bank account. And based on her outstanding contribution, she was even awarded the National Medal by her own country America and France. With that in mind, it is no surprise that one of her family members will also try their luck and follow in her footsteps. That rule applied to her daughter, Mamie Gummer.

As the old saying goes, like a mother, like a daughter. It seems that Mamie Gummer has inherited his mother’s acting genes since childhood. Nowadays, she has frequently appeared in front of the audience. She rose to prominence thanks to her part in Emily Owens, M.D. as the lead actress. Mamie later appeared in The Good Wife and its spin-off The Good Fight.


Still, remember “Hand of God”? Football fans out there will surely recognize the iconic name, Diego Maradona. He’s considered a legend and some even called him the ultimate soccer god, which is a big reputation to carry. With that said, he was able to prove that he’s one of the top athletes that ever played the game. His rise to fame arrived at the 1984 World Cup. It can be said that for some fans, his existence is a god; for another, he prefers to be a less glorious image.

Aside from being a proud soccer player, he’s also a proud father of Dalma Maradona. Though she never played football professionally, she tried making a name for herself in the acting scenes in her native country Argentina. As an actress, she can easily get everything that she wants with just one swipe of her credit card.


British rock singer and music industry icon Rod Stewart is one of the pillars of the entertainment scenes especially when it comes to music. As one of the regular cast members on the best-selling singer pop chart, Rod Stewart’s responsible for a couple of number one hits and he’s one of the best-selling music artists of all time. That’s what he can offer on the table.

His lovely daughter, Kimberly Stewart, on the other hand, is now trying to make a name for herself in the fashion scenes as a model and fashion designer. She’s also one of the top socialites in the industry just like her mother. With her credit cards and bank accounts, she can easily get all of the expensive bags every female dream about. This family sure knows how to become successful in their respective career paths.


When it comes to football, there’s only a handful of athletes that comes into the mind of all fans of the game, and there is no denying that that one of them would be Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s considered a football legend and a superstar who is head and shoulders above his competition. With his star status, he drew a lot of attention to himself and his family when Cristiano revealed his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has already signed a contract with the Juventus Academy. Under great pressure, he has still consistently created amazing accomplishments. He is also an excellent dribbler. He has a great capacity to free-kicks and uses the same skills as his father. Though the true identity of his mother still remains unknown, It is certain that he’ll have a bright future ahead of him.


Kristina Davis became a household name thanks to her role as Charlotte York Goldenblatt in the popular romantic-comedy series Sex and the City. With the help of her character, she was able to cash in a couple of awards and nominations to her name and solidified her Hollywood ranking. She also had a few film and television credits during the 90s, including her part in Melrose Place.

In 2011, she adopted an angelic little girl and she named her Gemma Rose Davis. She treats this girl as her won and often praises her without stint. No matter what others say, She thinks Gemma is beautiful and special. Not only that, she wants Gemma to realize this for herself. Now that Gemma-Rose is growing up to be a fine young girl, people might see her in a Hollywood set soon rather than later.


Mary-Louise Parker was one of the top personalities in Hollywood who started her career in Broadway productions. She slowly but surely transitioned from stage plays to film and television with her superb acting skills, especially during the 90s. Overall, she had a pretty much solid career throughout the years and there’s nothing more she could ask for.

However, in 2007, Mary-Louise Parker decided to step up her game and with the help of her lawyers, she adopted Caroline “Ash” Aberash Parker from Ethiopia. It looks like she’s taking good care of Ash as she has grown as a fine young lady. In addition, she has a son named William. She once said in an interview that although raising two kids is not easy, she enjoys it. She thinks being a mother is the best thing in her life.


Eric Marlon Bishop or professionally known as Jamie Foxx is considered to be a Hollywood all-rounder. That means he excels in almost all facets of the industry including acting and singing. He also did a couple of songs and producing movies is also part of his resume. It looks like there’s really nothing that he can’t do.

Her daughter, on the other hand, Cоrinnе Fоxx, is also making a name for herself in the industry but this time, it is not in the acting scenes but on the modeling landscape. At the same time, she is also committed to expanding her career path. She founded Foxxtales, which developed into a production company. Well, with her credit card, she can easily get all the things that she wants. However, she has always been working hard instead of relying on her father. She’s actually on pace for becoming a top-notch model in the near future.


It is recognized by most men that the gorgeous and beautiful Sofia Vergara is quite a catch. She already had it all be it beauty, fame, wealth, and influence. She is known to be a successful actress, model, show producer, and television presenter. With that kind of genes in her bloodline, it can be sure that her kids will be on pace to set their names apart from their peers.

That’s exactly what Manolo Gonzales-Ripoll can offer on the table. Although his parents hired a divorce lawyer when he was still young, that didn’t stop him from pursuing a successful path towards his future. He’s now making a name for himself as an actor and director but he’ll have to up his effort if he wants to be as successful as her mom.


Elizabeth Hurley is a symbol of beauty and sexy. She is an actress, a model who is very good at using her clothes to show her beautiful curves. Over the past couple of years, many fans are dying to know the secrets behind Elizabeth Hurley’s timeless looks and youthful glow. As some people would say, she aged like a fine wine! With that said, she probably passed her genes to her son, Damian Charles Hurley.

There may be a little drama around Damian’s childhood that involves lawyers and DNA testing. In the end, it all points out that his father is the bit-time businessman Steve Bing, the man behind Shangri-La Entertainment. He’s now making a run as a model, following the footsteps of his mother. He showed flashes of his acting skills after he appeared in the hit series The Royals.


Many people only know that Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley have a daughter, Lisa Marie. But the fact is that Priscilla has another child Navarone. After her divorce with the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley went on to marry Marco Garibaldi and soon after, gave birth to her son, Navarone Garibaldi. For those who have been following the life of the former wife of Elvis, people probably knew that she ventured into a couple of projects in Hollywood as an actress.

However, his son took a different path than hers. Navarone Gаribаldi strives in the music scenes as the frontman of the rock band Them Guns. They are a Los Angeles-based music group that had a couple of successful runs in the past couple of years. He also placed a huge investment in his hobby as a reptile collector.


Kevin Costner not only has the superb directing ability, but his natural and relaxed performance style is also memorable. He always presents to the audience a perfect idol who is handsome, brave, romantic, and strong, which has attracted many female audiences. Without any sheds of doubt, he is considered a top-rated actor in Hollywood. He appeared in a couple of successful films throughout the years and has proven time and time again that he has the raw talent to dominate the entertainment scenes.

He also might have passed his acting traits to his daughter, Lily Costner, who is now making a name for herself as an actress. Though she didn’t have a long list of movie credits compared to her father, she still proved her worth in the industry and appeared in a couple of films during the 90s and a couple of stretches during mid-2010.


Jennifer Connelly’s name is well-known around Hollywood. For those who don’t know, she used to be a child model and appeared in a couple of magazines. She later ventured in television commercials until she found her way into the mainstream media. She studied at Yale and transferred to Stanford University. However, she wasn’t able to finish her degree and pursued a full-time career as an actress.

Her son, Kai Dugan, grew up while her mother was at the top of her career. That means he’s already well-versed on the red carpet and can carry himself in front of thousands of fans. His mother has always been protecting his privacy very well, rarely exposing him to the media. Maybe one day, he’ll become one of the biggest personalities in Hollywood just like her mom.


Even by today’s standards, Michelle Pfeiffer still remains one of the top celebrities in Hollywood. She managed to cash in numerous awards and recognition under her name while building a solid credit report. Because of her fame, she’s always under the watchful eyes of her fans and every little move she makes is always a big headline.

The same can be said about her situation after she adopted a newborn child and named her Claudia Rose. However, the media always clearly distinguishes her biological child from her adopted child in articles, which annoys her. She believes that there is no difference between them. Now, this baby girl has fully grown up and can be considered one of the finest women in her family. She also tried her luck in acting in the early 2000s but it may not be her cup of tea.


David Duchovny is one of the reasons why the X-Files was a big hit back in the days. It also became one of his tickets towards stardom and kept him from any threats of going into bankruptcy. However, for his fans, it is quite a pity that he did not appear after season seven finished filming. The reason for his absence is also unclear or maybe it’s his contract dispute with the TV drama party. But all in all, everything was clicking on all cylinders for David and he later exchanged vows to the actress and producer Téa Leoni.

Their union gave them two lovely kids who are now fine adults and one of them is Madelaine West Duchovny. During her childhood years, she tried her luck in a couple of shows but she later focused on her studies. With her talent, killer looks, and background in acting, she can easily go back and dominate Hollywood.


The union of Nicole Richie, daughter of the famous singer Lionel Richie, and Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden brought them their good luck charm, their daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden. People are not yet sure if Harlow will enter the music scenes just like her father or will follow the footsteps of her mother in the fashion landscape.

She was born in 2008 and at the same time, Nicole Richie launched her new investment, her fashion line House of Harlow 1960. Two years after the founding of her new business, she won an “Entrepreneur of the Year” award and was nominated for a couple of merits at the Teen Choice Awards during the same year. Born into a family of performing arts, it is likely that Harlow Winter Kate Madden soon will show her talent as an actress or a singer. Of course, all this is still waiting to be seen.


The actress Gillian Anderson became a household name thanks to her part in the hit sci-fi series X-Files. It may be difficult for people to believe that such a beautiful Oscar winner is not a campus sweetheart in her student life. But this is indeed true. This actress, who once dreamed of becoming a marine biologist, spent her childhood in the countryside. She then was even famous in the neighborhood for her personality which is more lively than that of boys.

Back in the days, she went for a romantic relationship with the assistant art director of the show, Clyde Klotz and the couple decided to tie the knot and exchanged vows. Though their married life didn’t last long and they both hired a team of lawyers for their divorce, they were still blessed with a lovely daughter named Piper Maru Klotz. She’s now grown to be a fine young lady and we are not sure if she’ll pursue a career in show business just like her parents.


Britney Spears is always acknowledged as one of the top personalities in the music landscape. She’s responsible for a couple of number one hits during her prime in the late 90s and stretches all the way to the 2000s. Considered as a gifted child, Britney Spears loved and showed a talent for dance and song from quite early age. During her childhood, she also took gymnastics and voice lessons and ended in winning a lot of state-level competitions and children’s talent shows. It can be said that past efforts have created the current international superstar Britney Spears.

Aside from her reputation, she also built up a solid credit score after her album sold millions of copies worldwide. Her marriage with the rapper, Kevin Federline in 2004 marked the arrival of their son, Sean Preston Federline. This cool-looking kid is now in his teenage years and we’ll never know if he had any aspirations of following his parents’ footsteps in the music industry in the coming years.


Steven Spielberg is known as one of the top personalities behind successful films not only in Hollywood but in the entire entertainment landscape. Spielberg’s 1975 thriller film Jaws was the first surprising answer he handed over to the audience, and then excellent films followed one after another: Schindler’s List in 1993, Saving Private Ryan in 1998… With that said, he can easily use his influence to help his children reach higher ground if ever they wanted to become part of show business.

However, her daughter, Sasha Spielberg felt that she needed to make a name for herself and not rely on the influence of her father. All her effort and investments paid off and were later rewarded with a solid career in music. Aside from her music career, she also showed flashes of her talent in acting and she appeared in a couple of films in the past couple of years.


The union between the actors Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards brought them, two kids. One of them is gorgeous Sam Sheen. Though she was still pretty young when her parents hired a team of lawyers for their divorce, that didn’t stop her to live a pretty normal life as a kid. She is now in her teenage years and she’s on her way to becoming as beautiful as her mother.

Given that the girl’s mother, Denise Richards, is recognized as a great beauty in the world, such as Number 2 in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women and so on, it is not surprising that Sam Sheen begins to show her dazzling beauty at such a young age. Sam Sheen also experienced how life goes under the limelight during her appearance in the reality show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated. Probably this will be the way for her to become a prominent actress in Hollywood in the near future.


When it comes to Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live(SNL) is something that can’t be skipped. Invited to this late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show, which has already been a household name in the United States since its broadcast in 1975, Tina Fey rose to fame at the same time as a writer and actress.

As for her private life, this well-renowned actress, writer and producer, Tina Fey and her husband, the actor, producer, and director Jeff Richmond have been together for a very long time. They endured many things in the past and they are one of the strongest celebrity couples in Hollywood. Unlike most of their contemporaries that hired a couple of lawyers for their divorces, the two remained strong throughout the years. All of that effort gave way to two beautiful daughters and one of them is the lovely Alice Richmond. She’s now in her teenage years and only time will tell if she’ll join her parents in the limelight.


Billie Lourd is the lone child of the late Carrie Fisher, who is known for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars film franchise and the talent executive Bryan Lourd. People cant’ help but admit that hidden in the halo of Princess Leia of Star Wars is a talented female writer Fisher: Her autobiographical novel Wishful Drinking became a big success as soon as it was put on the screen, with a nomination of Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Special.

Just like both of her parents, she’s also working in the entertainment industry and already a cornerstone of the horror anthology series American Horror Story. Just like her mother, she went on to appear in the Star Wars sequel trilogy as Lieutenant Connix. She doesn’t only have the looks and talent to become a successful actress in Hollywood, Billie also had a degree in psychology added in her arsenal.


Although his family life when he was young was full of pain and misfortune, Allen Kelsey Grammer, this Caribbean kid is still so strong-willed that he has achieved impressive results in many ways. He rose to fame thanks to his long-time project in the popular sitcoms Cheers and Frasier, where he portrayed the role of Dr. Frasier Crane. He’s also well-versed in producing films and television shows, as well as directing and writing scripts. Throughout the years, he accumulated five Primetime Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards along with one apiece from the Daytime Emmy and Tony Awards.

Overall, he had been married four times over the years and hired a couple of divorce attorneys along the way. His first marriage with Doreen Alderman brought to life the voice actress Spencer Grammer, who is now known for lending her voice as Summer Smith in the animated series Rick and Morty.


Christina Applegate is always considered one of the toughest female personalities in the industry. She faced a lot of roadblocks ahead of her and at one point, she even got diagnosed with breast cancer. With her comprehensive health insurance policy and her sheer will, she was able to overcome her situation. Thanks to her successful battle against her condition, she was able to give birth to her daughter, Sadie Grace.

In order to prevent her daughter from suffering the same disease as her, she does her best to take care of her, feed her comprehensive nutrition, and monitor her physical condition at all times. Sadie is still young and her parents are doing a great job keeping their precious daughter from the watchful eyes of Hollywood. However, it is not sure if she’ll follow the footsteps of her mother and become an actress in the future.


Northwestern University is important for Hollywood celebrities Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall. Not only did Julia Louis-Dreyfus got her degree from this university but this was where she met her other half Brad Hall, a comedian. A fine love story indeed. However, their family tales at Northwestern University didn’t end there. In fact, it is also connected to their youngest son, Charlie.

Charles Thompson Hall was a proud member of the Northwestern Wildcats men’s basketball team. His teammates said that he is always full of positive energy, and his humor make people around him feel happy. He’s a walk-on athlete for the team, which means he was recruited or invited directly to play the sport and he didn’t go through try-outs. There is no doubt that he’s one heck of a talent!


The relationship between the famous celebrity Sharon Stone and the journalist Phil Bronstein didn’t last long. They only spent a couple of years together before their divorce lawyers took over their relationship. However, they had fruitful years together and a huge part of that would be their son, Roan Joseph Bronstein.

Roan was adopted by the former couple right at the end of their relationship and after their divorce went through, shared custody with each other. But unfortunately the boy had to go back and forth between them. In the end, he couldn’t adjust his pace at all so that he fell behind his classmates. In the following years, Phil Bronstein received full custody for their child. In 2018, reports suggest that Sharon Stone is now living with Roan along with her other children in West Hollywood, California.


Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid are two of the most well-versatile individuals in Hollywood thanks to natural-born talent. Dennis is known for his strong dramatic performances with a mix of comedy while Meg Ryan is known for her heavy drama to romantic-comedy roles. Though their relationship ended with a lawyer in the middle, they still remain on good terms.

Their son, Jack Quaid might have inherited both of their strong suits. Dennis Quaid revealed that Jack initially prepared to start his acting career, which is a confused time for him. But he refused his helping hand. He did not want to rely on his parents to pursue his dreams. And he did it! Jack is now making a name for himself in Hollywood. He already appeared in a couple of movies a few years ago and is now playing the lead role in the superhero series The Boys.


Diana Ross is one of the music industry’s top talents. She is known as “the pearl of pop music.” She sings lyric songs with a velvety voice, which is regarded as an aural enjoyment by fans. Her sphere of influence reaches all over the globe and she also made a huge fortune out of it. During her marriage with the Norweigian businessman, Arne Næss Jr., she gave birth to their son, Evan Ross.

In 2014, Evan Ross married Jessica Simpson’s sister Ashlee Simpson. Nowadays, Evan Ross is known for his acting and music career. He already released a couple of albums under his name and became a key part of some film and television shows throughout the years. It seems that he will not face any bankruptcy threats anytime in the future since his career is starting to grow rapidly.


Lola Simone Rock is one of the two daughters of the famous comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director Chris Rock, and the author Malaak Compton-Rock. Even though Lola’s parents were not together anymore after they hired a divorce lawyer, they still settled their differences and managed to find time so they could spend time together as a family.

Lola is now in her teenage years. Chris Rock is always humorous and casual on the screen, while he is very strict in family education. To be sure, she must be well disciplined. Because both her parents are celebrities, Lola is never a stranger when it comes to walking down the red carpet. Maybe one day, she’ll enter the entertainment scene just like what his father did. Or probably run her own career on things she’s passionate about similar to her mother’s.


Apple Martin’s bloodline is without a doubt one of the best when people are talking about the entertainment landscape. She’s the daughter of the award-winning actress, singer, author, and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow and her former other half, the British singer-songwriter and musician Chris Martin of Coldplay. When Apple was born, Chris Martin wrote two songs for her to commemorate the day he became a father.

Apple loves her mother’s company Goop. Young though she is, she often advises on projects of her mother’s company and helps her mother not to fall behind the current beauty trend. In the near future, it will not be surprising if she will venture down the road of Hollywood as an actress herself. Alternatively, she can also pursue a career in singing just like her dad. Whatever her choice may be, it is certain that she’ll never need any loans to fund her projects because she got plenty in her bag.


The couple of Kenya Deodato and famous actor, director, producer and author Stephen Baldwin have been together for three decades. They endured all the bitter and sweet stages of marriage unlike most of their peers that resort to a divorce lawyer. Well, all of their efforts paid off and they were given two beautiful and gorgeous daughters and one of them is Alaia Baldwin.

Alaia is now making a name for herself in the modeling scene and it is all thanks to her fresh and classic look. Some fans and fashion experts suggest that she’s on pace to become even more successful in the coming years. Alaia has a younger sister who is more famous than her. She is the model Hailey Baldwin who was married to Justin Bieber. The two sisters are very close and often spend time together.


Avid music fans out there will instantly recognize the similarities between the tunes of Oasis and the legendary John Lennon of the Beatles. That’s pretty spot on since the lead singer of the band considers John Lennon as his biggest musical influence. With that said, Liam Gallagher of Oasis even named his son with his first wife, Patsy Kensit in honor of the great music legend. Even though the two were already separated because of their divorce lawyers, it didn’t interfere with the proper upbringing of their child.

21-year-old lennnon has a pair of blue eyes under heavy eyebrows, coupled with a gloomy and decadent temperament. He is exactly the same as his father when he was young! Even so, Lennon took a different path from his father. He relied on his fresh looks to wander the fashion industry and easily got a solid career in modeling.


Emma Thompson is familiar to everyone, right? Her superb acting skills made her constantly win awards in her acting career. However, she has been through a lot. She faced many roadblocks ahead of her but she managed to get through it all thanks to her other half, Greg Wise. Just like Emma, Greg is also a famous actor. With a little help from her family, she was able to overcome her depression and later blessed with a beautiful daughter and they named her Gaia.

Gaia is 20 years old this year. She is known to the public as a committed activist. She once launched a campaign, fighting against climate change. Their family just recently got an honorary citizenship from Italy and it was timed well with their real estate investment that they purchased in Venice. They expressed their future plan on relocating to the country in the near future.


The French actress and model Vanessa Paradis has always been the face of Chanel since 1991, but when people mention her, they always first think of the ambiguous relationship between her and Edward Scissorhands actor Johnny Depp. Vanessa Paradis spent years together with this entertainment industry’s most famous pirate, Johnny Depp. Though the two never married each other, they went on and became parents of two gorgeous kids that turned out to be the head-turner that they are today.

One of these two kids is the beautiful Lily-Rose Depp. Born in 1999, she ventured in show business in 2014 with a minor role in the movie Tusk. She later appeared in The Dancer and A Faithful Man, where she got a pair of César Awards for Most Promising Actress. She got lots of potential written all over her and we are pretty sure that she’ll never have to worry about using her credit cards if things continue the way they are right now.


Rob Lowe is an American actor with a net worth of almost $100 million. He once reached the peak of popularity but was depressed for a while because of the scandal in his personal life. Later, he was again active in the entertainment industry. The couple of Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl Berkoff is steadily making their relationship stronger throughout the years. They saw many roadblocks that even involved a couple of lawyers in a courtroom. Good thing, they were able to settle all things out without much of a hassle.

Another silver lining in their life is the arrival of their two sons and one of them is John Owen Lowe. He’s now trying to make a name for himself as an actor. With his potential, he might become a bigger hit than his father. Well, only time will tell.


David Hasselhoff, or he is more accustomed to be called “The Hoff” , is one of the biggest stars of the 80’s and 90’s. For those who love television shows during those eras, it can be said that most of them had seen an episode or two of Baywatch and Knight Rider because the ratings of his works have broken the Guinness record. Starting from The Young and The Restless, he began to impress the audience. On TV shows such as The Talent show, David is also loved for his unique sense of humor.

His marriage with the former actress, Pamela Bach, gave him the room for two beautiful girls. Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff is one of those girls who has grown to be a fine young lady. Well, people can’t expect less since both genes of her mother and father. Whether this child will inherit her father’s humor remains to be seen… Too bad her parents took separate paths in 2006.


Sistine Stallone is one of the five children of famous action star Sylvester Stallone. It is no exaggeration to say that Sylvester Stallone is the creator of American film history. The props of his movie Rocky are still stored in the Smithsonian Museum today, and the place nicknamed Rocky Steps for memory is also a tourist attraction…

As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Because of her stunning looks, Sistine Stallone easily became an apple of the eye in Hollywood after her coming into the entertainment industry, and she even grabbed The Golden Globe Ambassador at the 74th Golden Globe Awards. Now that she’s at the right age to act on her own, she tried her luck in modeling and also appeared in a couple of films. In both industries, she managed to grab a solid spot and was considered one of the best of her class. If things continue the way they are right now, she’ll have no problem getting any mortgage that she wants.


You may not believe it, the current Oscar winner Liam Neeson has done so many completely different casual jobs such as a forklift operator or a truck driver. It is possible that such a rich experience inspired him, allowing him to show the characteristics of different characters in a more layered manner in filming.

It is often heard the phrase that “like father, like son,” and that is the simplest way to describe Michael Neeson and his father Liam Neeson. It may still be too early to say that he’ll be as successful and influential as his father but we are sure given enough projects and exposure, he will reach the top of the entertainment ladder. He still needs to prove a lot but with proper investments of time, effort and dedication, we are sure he’ll reach his goal in the near future. Whatever the future holds for this guy, people are sure he’ll do great!


During the 90s, famous actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher lived together and they were blessed with a stunning daughter, Francesca Ruth Fisher-Eastwood. She’s just in her mid-20s but she already achieved a lot in the industry and is considered one of the top socialites in the industry. She’s also an accomplished model even if she’s still younger than her competition and a bonafide television personality.

It was on May 20, 2012 that Francesca Ruth Fisher-Eastwood made her first public appearance on the reality television series Mrs. Eastwood & Company, with the camera aiming at her personal life, and her getting along with her stepmother Dina Eastwood, and her half-sister Morgan Eastwood. This reality show became a hot topic on the Internet as soon as it was broadcast… With the way things are going on right now, she can get all the mortgage she wants with having any issues financially. We are certain that she’ll do great things in the future as well.


Since Pierce Brosnan played the leading role in the James Bond film series, he has been in the limelight. Countless applause and flowers wrapped this handsome guy who was almost on top of the film world. The danger even came together. Many people are wondering how Dylan Brosnan dealt with things during his childhood years, especially the time when his father, Pierce Brosnan, was on the peak of his career. Pierce Brosnan had to set up at home a comprehensive security system keeping any intruders away from their vicinity and ensuring the safety of himself and his family.

It’s possible that Dylan Brosnan at that young age might think it a bit of a hassle… Whatever the case may be, he still managed to grow up as a fine man. He’s now making a career out of himself as a cinematographer and an actor and was already featured in a couple of short films such as Out of Reach and The Young Motivators Club.


Have you ever wondered what we’ll get when we place the actress, Lisa Rinna who is known for her role as Billie Reed in Days of Our Lives and Harry Hamlin who became famous thanks to her part in Clash of the Titans? Well, the answer is simple and that’s Delilah Belle Hamlin. Thanks to her parents’ success in the industry, she never faced any issues with her education, especially with her finances. She’s pretty much immune to all kinds of loans during that time. She’s now a major figure in social media with tons of followers in her Instagram account.

It can be said that Lisa Rinna is a well-rounded actress. In 1985, she appeared in front of the camera for the first time in John Parr’s music video. In addition to starring in the roles that made her rise to fame, she also began to actively integrate into the hosting industry. The business-minded actress in the meantime has also set up her own fashion brand.


Remember Friends who swept the whole of America or almost all over the world in the 1990s? Even now, the female characters such as Monica Geller and in this TV series are still deeply recognized in terms of fashion and wardrobe. Considering their profound influence on a generation of women, they are considered cultural icons. Courteney Cox is one of the top personalities in Hollywood today and a huge part of her success was her role as Monica Geller in Friends.

She also proved herself as a solid talent even if she’s working behind the scenes as a producer and director. With her versatile talent, she can easily dominate the entertainment landscape. The same can be said about her daughter Coco Cox. Even though she’s not part of Hollywood, she proved that she has tons of talents in her gas tank. In fact, she recently showcased it in the recent TikTok craze as one of the viral videos on the platform.


Most of you probably don’t know but a couple of Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest has one of the loveliest love stories in the whole entertainment landscape. Back before they even met each other, Jamie Lee Curtis made a huge prediction that she’ll end up marrying the guy in the picture in one of Rolling Stone’s publications that featured the movie This Is Spinal Tap. Yes, your guess is spot on and Christopher was on that edition.

Surprisingly, six months after her bold prediction, they exchanged vows and later hired a couple of lawyers with an intention of legally adopting two children and one of them is Annie. She’s now trying to make a name for herself as an actress, author, and blogger. This celebrity mother is deeply proud of her excellent daughter. When Annie held a wedding with Jason Wolf, she once again became the center of attention…


Bella Hadid is one of the younger generations of talents in the modeling scenes who rose to stardom thanks to their part in social media. However, when Bella initially entered the modeling industry, her sister Gigi had already gained fame. In order to distinguish her from her sister, Bella dyed her blonde hair dark, insisting on her unique chilly style on the runway. From being overwhelmed by her sister’s aura to achieving her own success, Bella Hadid did the most beautiful counterattack.

Also, a significant portion of her success was her mother, Bella Hadid. She was born from the real estate investment genius Mohamed Hadid and the model and reality show star Yolanda Hadid. With that kind of family roots, she’ll most likely follow the steps of her mother and dominate the fashion scenes with her charming looks and unparalleled talent. With that in mind, Bella is one of the most well-decorated personalities not only in Hollywood but in the runways of Europe as well.


When it comes to Heather Locklear, people will think of Amanda Woodward, her most classic role on Melrose Place. This actress and Richard Sambora, the lead guitarist of the famous rock band Bon Jovi, were one of the power couples of the 90s. They were popular in their own fields and bankruptcy was never a problem with these two during their prime. Although they went their separate ways, they were blessed with their only child, Ava Sambora.

She’s now a thriving model and already appeared in a couple of movies in the past. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University with honors this year. Since she graduated, Ava has been allocating the time to accompanying her parents. It’s only lately that she started graduate school. From the looks of things, she’s also not within the grasp of any financial issues anytime soon.


Sosie Bacon is one of the two children of the award-winning actor Kevin Bacon and the actress, singer, and producer Kyra Sedgwick. This couple got married a few months after co-starring in the film Lemon Sky which was adapted from a play. After that, they have also co-starred in multiple films. Just like her parents, Sosie’s also making a thriving actress who started her career at a very young age of 10 in one of the movies her father directed.

In addition, Sosie is not limited to the field of actors. She also participated in an off-Broadway musical performance. She’s in her late 20s now and it is still too early to tell if she’ll be as successful as both of her parents. However, there is no doubt that she’ll never have to worry about any future loans in the future given the talent that she has.


L.A. County Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon was a famous character back in the day when Baywatch was still around. It was portrayed by none other than the talented actor David Hasselhoff. His second wife, on the other hand, was a successful model and also appeared in a couple of movies and television shows. For their fans back then, they were a couple made in heaven and it seemed like nothing can keep them apart. However, the two hired their own lawyers and filed a divorce that ended their relationship.

On the brighter side, their union brought to life the talented actress Hayley who once starred in the ABC series Huge. At the age of 14, Hayley signed a contract with Ford Models. She’s now one of the top models in her field and no one can deny the impact she made in the industry.


People are all aware that being in the same house filled with a dependable home security system with one of the best actors in Hollywood is a tough situation. The pressure will also intensify if that talented individual happens to be their father. That might be the situation Colin Hanks had in his childhood. As one of the most well-known movie stars in the world, his father Tom Hanks has his own unique sense of humor in his performance, which has made his films high-grossing.

With a big shoe to fill in, Colin has to step up to the challenge and be on track to the accomplishment of his father. Good thing, he’s been doing an excellent job on it and already made a reputation as a great personality in Hollywood. In 2018, Colin established a handkerchief company, expanding his business scope.


Kirk Douglas was a superstar which is recognized as a tough guy widely. Kirk established his own film production company in the late 1950s. Michael Douglas, He has starred in a series of blockbusters, and won the Academy Award for his role as Gordon Gekko, the classic villain in “Wall Street”. The Douglas family is always one of the top clans in Hollywood. They sport a long list of talented individuals that share the same bloodline.

With that in mind, Cameron Douglas is also not exempted from the rule. Just like his father Michael and his grandfather Kirk, he’s also working in Hollywood as an actor. Although he’s not as successful as his dad, he never really experienced a threat of going into bankruptcy. Aside from his work in Hollywood, he also released a book called Long Way Home with his accounts during his dark past along with the problems he faced.


Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness are two of the most influential people in the entertainment scenes. Jackman is most famous for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men film franchise. On the other side of the coin, his spouse, Deborra-Lee Furness is known for her keen eyes when it comes to minute details and used this talent as a producer. She also appeared in a couple of films back in the days.

Both of them are advocates for adopting children. Deborra-Lee even joined the board of the Worldwide Orphan Foundation. In the later part of their married life, they decided to hire a lawyer to properly process the adoption of Oscar Maximilian Jackman. A couple of years later, they decided to follow it through with another adoption. Jackman is very strict with his children. He often warns his two children not to feel privileged and forget to be down-to-earth because their parents are celebrities.


Nancy Kerrigan was a famous figure skater back in the days. She dominated the sports in the early 90s and became the top of her class in that regard. She is the ninth female single figure skater in history to win two Olympic medals. During the 2004 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, she was elected to the United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

Her reputation rose through the roofing after getting involved in a serious incident. when a fellow competitor assaulted her for the top spot in the figure skating rankings. Because of this victimization, Nancy had to announce her retirement from the competition. Many years had passed and both parties already settled the score. Nancy married her agent and then gave birth to her first child, Matthew, who happened to become an actor and appeared in a couple of television series in the past.


The Kardashian-Jenner clan is famous nowadays because of their reality shows. In a few years, this family has been listed on Forbes’ annual wealth and celebrity income list many times. They accumulate wealth by using their reputation to develop their own businesses. The same can be said about Kylie Jenner who rose to the top of her game thanks to her talent, looks, and the name she carries.

She’s the daughter of Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner (formerly William Bruce Jenner). Just like her parents, she also possesses adept money management skills. Her own beauty brand Kylie Cosmetic can be regarded as a successful retail case demonstration. For those who don’t know, she’s one of the youngest billionaires in the world and that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what she can offer on the table. People actually haven’t seen the full potential of this young lady.


Rowan and Grier Henchy are the lovely daughters of the famous actress, Brooke Shields. Brooke was probably about their age when she started working in a Hollywood set as a child actress and a model. Probably at that time, there was never a film as much discussed and criticized as pretty Baby. Many people may never forget her famous role Violet.

However, she made a couple of rules that would make it impossible for the kids to enter show business at this moment. Brooke Shields made it clear that her daughters’ private life comes first and she’ll only allow them to enter either the modeling or the acting scenes once they are in their college years. She values education and degree more than having a name for themselves in the industry. Well, mothers always know what’s best for their children.


You know what most people say,"like father, like son."We, could say the same with the duo of Kid Rock and his son Robert James Ritchie. Robert James Ritchie, or he prefers to be called Kid Rock and once in a while Bobby Shazam. Just like his father, he plunged right into the heart of the music scenes without hesitation and proved that he has huge potential when it comes to the career choice he had in mind.

His musical style is a perfect blend of rock, hip-hop, country and heavy metal. In 1998, he brought about his first breakthrough album, with sales exceeding 14 million copies. It can be said that he already released a couple of singles and it was a huge hit. With that in mind, we can’t wait for him to release his full album and we will get our credit cards ready when that time comes.


When it comes to the most important comedians in the world, just like Chaplin, Jim Carrey is also an indispensable name. His classic films such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask, completely broke the Hollywood comedy model of the 1980s and 1990s. The applause and covetousness of the world surrounded him. There’s probably never a dull moment inside the household of the Carrey family. Right at the comfort of their own home filled with a state-of-the-art home security system, they lived peacefully throughout the years and never had any major security-related issues.

That’s probably what Jane Carrey’s childhood looks like. Though her father is a famous figure in Hollywood, she never really tried to follow in his footsteps. With that said, she once auditioned to a talent show once and became one of the top competitors in that roster. That’s pretty much the time she really spent under the limelight and she’s now sparingly appearing in shows after that time.


For those who are not familiar with this name, Ronan Farrow is a famous journalist that led the way for uncovering the controversial allegations that surround the filmmaker and producer Harvey Weinstein a couple of years ago. After graduating from Yale Law School which always remains the top ranking, Farrow followed his own heart and became a journalist, instead of choosing to rely on his father’s strong background to enter the entertainment industry, as some second-generation celebrities have done.

Aside from that, he’s also known because of his parents. His parents were two of the most influential people in Hollywood. His father is the award-winning actor, director, and writer Woody Allen, while her mother is a former model, a television personality, and an activist. With the kind of resume he had along with his family background, he’ll never have to worry about his mortgage loans in the future.


Tom Cruise has always been the focus of the camera lens. His successful professional career and his mysterious personal life have always been observed by the media and the public with a magnifying glass. When such a well-known name is connected with another stunningly beautiful Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, a wonderful chemical reaction takes place.

Connor Anthony Kidman Cruise or popularly known as Connor Cruise is the son of the famous Tom Cruise and the beautiful Nicole Kidman. He’s the second adopted child of the couple after they tasked their lawyers to process all necessary documents to the court. As we all remember, their first adoption was for Isabella Jane, who was born in 1992 and Connor Cruise in 1995. Connor never encountered any issues with his studies and took his schooling seriously. However, he didn’t follow in the footsteps of his parents and join the royalties of Hollywood. Instead, he pursued his passion for music and became a DJ.


Kiefer Sutherland and his first wife, Camelia Kath were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Sarah. Though their relationship only lasted for three years and then was put on end by their lawyers and their divorce proceeding, that didn’t stop them from becoming full-fledged parents to their only princess.

Having grown up in a family where both her father and mother are successful actors with considerable awards, Sarah seems to have shown from an early age that she inherited a talent for acting from her parents. Since 2011, she has been part of Hollywood and already appeared in a couple of films and television shows throughout the years. Sarah is probably well-known for her role as Catherine Meyer in the hit television series Veep. This is where she received her first Screen Actors Guild Award and probably not the last time either.


Cleo Rose Elliott is the only daughter of the couple Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross. Funny thing is that her parents probably have one of the sweetest love stories that people only see in most movies. Her parents first set their eyes on each other in 1969 for the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. However, the two let a couple of years slip by until they started dating decades later. Finally, in 1984, the two exchanged vows and became husband and wife.

Instead of following in her parents’ footsteps into show business like the offspring of other celebrities, she has started releasing albums with a passion for music, much to the delight of her parents. She’s now making a career for herself as a musician and we are sure that loans and other mortgages are not an issue for her.


Jelena Noura “Gigi” Hadid is one of the top models of our current generation. This world-renowned supermodel was signed by a scoutat at the age of only two years old and has since become a child model. You may not believe it. But that’s the way it is. Since her arrival in the modeling scene, she consistently made a significant impact in the industry that she’s working on. In fact, at a very young age, the British Fashion Council named her International Model of the Year in 2016, which is a hard accomplishment to break.

Her parents, the real estate investor Mohamed Hadid and Yolanda Hadid, former fashion model probably became a huge part of her overall success. They probably thought her proper money management skill that is useful in all steps of life. As for the personal life of this shining girl, her relationship with the Australian singer Cody Simpson, are changing repeatedly in the two states of breaking up and of getting back together.


Stella Banderas is part of an intricate web of family trees filled with overflowing talent in acting. She’s the half-sister of Alexander Bauer and Dakota Johnson. Not to mention, her mother is the film and stage actress Melanie Griffith, and her father is the one and only Antonio Banderas. Although she was heavily criticized for her performance in Shining Through in 1992, Melanie Griffith is undoubtedly an excellent actress. During her career, she got several times nominations of Oscar and Golden Globe.

As the old saying goes, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Stella is still pretty young but her credit score will easily cut most of ours’. After all, she’s already making a name for herself as an actress, same as the rest of her family members. We also think that she is involved in a couple of investments, which is good for her future.


The 31-year-old actress and model Lily Collins is the daughter of the English music legend Phil Collins. Because of the busy schedule of his father during her childhood, she spent very little time with him and missed a couple of shopping and credit card sprees just like most father and daughter duos do. However, this didn’t let her down and she also pursued a career in the entertainment scene as an actress.

Lily, born in a family of performing arts, has been brilliant and talented since she was a child. It may be difficult for people to believe that she was on the screen at the age of two! This beautiful girl with a passion for acting sharply dropped her weight in order to play a skinny anorexic girl in the movie To The Bone. With that tenacity, She’s pretty much successful in her career path now and she may be on track to be as successful as her father back in the days.


A kid growing up with limited privacy is a hard nut to crack. Good thing, there are a bunch of home security systems celebrities can use to protect the privacy of their kids. This was probably the life Wyatt Russell had to face during his childhood. After all, he has famous parents who are always under the limelight. For those who don’t know, he’s the son of the television actor Kurt Russell and the actress-singer, Goldie Hawn.

When it comes to his father Kurt Russell, Films such as “Furious 7”, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” all made the audience deeply impressed by his exquisite acting skills. While his mother Goldie Hawn is the representative of comedy actresses in the 1980s. Wyatt also tried his luck in acting and appeared in a couple of movies throughout the years and his acting career got a little consistent in the past few years.


Alexander Skarsgård, without a doubt, is one of the top actors of our generations. He is well-known for his role as Brad “Iceman” Colbert in the miniseries Generation Kill. He also played the role of Eric Northman in True Blood and had a significant role in Big Little Lies. Now for those who are wondering where he got his talent, well, it runs through his blood.

His father, Stellan Skarsgård is also a bonafide actor, who appeared in many successful movies in the past. For many audiences, they knew Stellan Skarsgård in the films directed by famous director Lars von Trier. They collaborated in many films, such as “Dancer in the Dark”, “Dogville”. As a result, he gradually gained a reputation and became the representative of Swedish actors. With this tandem going at it, it can be sure that many people will pull out their credit cards and will definitely book a ticket for their movies.


The actress Diane Lane and the French television personality Christopher Lambert’s love affair was played out. But unfortunately, It’s been more than a decade since they hired a divorce lawyer and stepped away from their relationship. However, the two remained close friends thanks to their daughter, Eleanor. Nowadays, Eleanor is making a name for herself in the modeling industry.

More particularly, this model is also a freelance writer. She worked as a music writer for The Village Voice during her time in college. Now, she writes articles for some websites. She often makes tracking reports on some political events. This may be related to her being a graduate of New York University’s journalism, right? She’s still young and her future looks bright. Without a doubt, she’ll be on pace very soon to be on the same level as her parents.


Without a doubt, music is flowing through his veins. Well, that wouldn’t be a huge surprise, especially if your parents are big names in the music scenes. Elijah Blue Allman or professionally known as P. Exeter Blue is a musician who plays for a band called Deadsy. His mother Cher, a well-known American singer and his father Gregg Allman, a member of the band Allman Brothers, are married in a flash in 1975. Then they gave birth to him in the second year after marriage.

Aside from playing for his main band, Elijah Blue Allman also brought his talents as a guest member of various mainstream bands including Thirty Seconds to Mars, Orgy, Coal Chamber and Sugar Ray. He may still be far from the achievements his parents got but it can be sure that he already built up a solid credit record that will keep him on the right track.


Glenn Close is regarded as one of the premier actresses of her generation. In fact, she has been on top of the Hollywood ladder during her stay in the industry. Over the course of her career, she has three Primetime Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe, and another three coming from the Tony Awards committee. Last year, Time magazine included her in their annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Her inspiration behind her success, probably her daughter, Annie Starke. Glenn used to take Annie to film sets when she was a child, which has indeed stimulated her desire to pursue acting. Now Annie might be following the footsteps of her mom and she is on her way to becoming one of the top artists of her time. With that in mind, it can be sure that she’ll never worry about her mortgage loans just like her mother.


Larry King is one of the pillars when it comes to television hosting. He’s always one of the top picks in this regard. The talk show “Larry King Live” hosted by him is the highest-rated show on CNN. Because of that, he never came close to bankruptcy ever in his life. Or that’s what most people thought. Little do they know, he used to be on the borderline back in the days and he managed to crawl his way up and since then, he never let his guard down.

In 1997, he married Shawn Southwick, who is an actress. They have two children: Cannon and Chance. Chance is one year older than Canon. Both of them graduated from Beverly Hills High School. Probably most of the inspirations he has come from his sons, who are now fully grown up and evolved already into fine young men.


Maya Hawke came from a bloodline of superstars. To prove this point, her parents are the famous actors Uma Thurman, who became a household name thanks to her part in the Kill Bill franchise and the actor, singer, writer, and musician Ethan Hawke. In 1997, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke had a love affair during the filming of “Gattaca”. They fell in love with each other at first sight.

She’s now in her early 20s but she’s head and shoulders above her competition. She looks gorgeous and fresh and without a doubt, many modeling agencies will do everything in their power for their lawyers to sign her a contract. She’s also appeared in a couple of movies in the past. In “Little Women”, she perfectly acted in his role as Jo March who is tenacious and independent. In Season 3 of “Stranger Things “, Maya Hawke’s addition is impressive.


Jack Scott Ramsay surely receives a lot of lessons from his celebrity chef father, Gordon Ramsay. With an annual income of 15 million pounds, he is probably the most profitable chef in the world. Most people may be witnessed how savage his father can be inside the kitchen and what more could they expect about his family. Of course, all of these are pointing on the positive route, not the other way around.

It’s still inconclusive if Jack Scott Ramsay will also follow the footsteps set by his father in the kitchen or if he’ll step up and manage all of the investments his family put up for them. Another option for him would be joining the Hollywood ranks as a young actor. After all, you will find that he already has a huge fan base if you are looking at his followers in his social media accounts.


There’s no doubt that Zoe Kravitz, the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, has one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. Probably this is because of the genes flowing in her DNA from her gorgeous parents. Her father, Lenny Kravitz won Best Male Rock Vocal Performance in four consecutive Grammys. Her mother Lisa Bonet is an actress. Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz’s love began when they discovered the similarities in their backgrounds, which resulted in a sense of trust.

In 1988, they gave birth to their daughter Zoe Kravitz. Just like both of her parents, Zoe entered the entertainment scenes as an actress and already appeared in a couple of movies including the X-Men: First Class, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Divergent Series. She also released a couple of albums under her name and judging from the way her career runs, she’ll never have to worry about any loans for her future.


Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder are two of the most well-respected personalities in modern Hollywood. The former is one of the top leading ladies in the industry for quite a while and the latter is famous for his cinematographer background in films such as Secret in Their Eyes, Fireflies in the Garden, and The Mexican.

Unlike other personalities out there that hired lawyers for their divorce, Moder and Robert’s relationship just keeps getting stronger as years passed by. With that said, they have blessed with three kids. Daughter Hazel and Son Phinnaeus are twins. They were born in 2004. The remaining son Henry was born in 2007. Judging from updates Daniel Moder posted on Instagram, these three children do like outdoor activities. Despite their high reputation, this couple does not want their children to be exposed to the spotlight, so they have been living a low-key life.


The 28-year-old actor and musician, Miles Robbins, was born with a top-notch talent that could keep him from bankruptcy. Now, most of you are probably asking where he got his talents, that comes to no surprise since he’s the son of the talented Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. In his private life, he was also known for being a man of a maverick. For example, he has dressed up as a girl and posted articles in response to suspicions about his personal problems.

Despite the fact that his parents are famous actors, he is convinced that he wants to carve out a completely new and different path. He started his acting career very young but decided to take a break and focus more on his studies. About a decade later, he starred in films such as The Greatest, Mozart in the Jungle. He even appeared in a couple of series for The X-Files as the son of lead characters of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder.


The actress and singer Rumer Willis resembles a lot of her mother Demi Moore and also got a few traits from her father Bruce Willis. It turned out that the combination of the two will end up giving people one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. She’s one of those actresses that didn’t need much help from her parents to be successful. In fact, she made a very solid credit score thanks to the projects she had in the past, including films such as Hostage, Sorority Row, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

She also brought home the gold in season 20 of Dancing with the Stars. But life itself doesn’t seem to be totally perfect for this girl. During her teenage years, the girl had been subjected to so many huge bodies shames that she had a bit of a breakdown. Fortunately, surrounded by her family and friends, she gradually became stronger and more positive.


Olivia Newton-John is probably one of the most successful artists in history and following in her footsteps would be a huge feat even for her daughter. Perhaps it can also be said that Olivia is a singer who is quite accomplished in the field of music. This four-time Grammy Award winner rose to fame with albums such as If You Love Me, Let Me Know in 1974 and Have You Never Been Mellow in 1975…

Speaking of her daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi is also an entertainer who has a thriving career as a singer and actress. Though she’s not that active anymore in the entertainment scene, we are sure she had enough investments to keep finances going up until her retirement. It is still a long way for her before she can fill the legacy her mother set. However, we are quite excited about how far she can make it through her journey.


Alexander Rae Baldwin III, or better known as Alec Baldwin, was born into a family as the eldest of the four Baldwin brothers who are generations of the Mayflower passenger John Howland. He has been fumbled in Hollywood for many years but at the beginning, he was just tepid… But providence doesn’t let down a man who does his best. Now, one can say without hesitation that Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin were one of the most influential couples back in the days before hiring a team of lawyers and settled their divorce in the earlier part of the 2000s.

Good thing, the couple was able to produce a stunning daughter and they named her Ireland Baldwin. She’s now in her mid-20’s, and she has already become one of the top models of her class. Ireland also starred in a couple of shows. However, things slowed down for her in the past couple of years but with enough investments in her portfolio, she was able to bounce back from her situation.


There is no doubt that Vin Diesel is mostly a big tough guy in front of the camera, which can be inferred from his long-term bald head. But don’t be fooled by his muscular appearance, in fact, this is a talented man of great abilities. In 1995, he wrote, directed and acted in the short film “Multi-Facial ” to participate in the Cannes Film Festival, where he won the favor of the great director Steven Spielberg and was invited to be a part of the war film “Saving Private Ryan.”

He’s a famous star in Hollywood who is well known for his role in movies such as The Chronicles of Riddick and the Fast & Furious franchise. He’s one of the most famous personalities in the industry and his daughter is also well-versed in what it feels like to live a life under the limelight. Maybe her parents are setting the stage for her big Hollywood career in the future.


There’s no need for an introduction as most people know who Jennifer Lopez is. In the 1990s, Lopez has become the highest-paid Latino actress in Hollywood. At the same time, she also launched her own music career. The albums are selling well. It can be said that it was completely her era. Even if her starring TV series Gigli failed both critically and commercially, Lopez never gave up. Lately, in 2005, she ushered in the spring of her career again with several successful comedies.

She’s one of the top talents, not only in Hollywood but in the whole world. With that kind of status, everyone will be willing to put everything on the line to get the latest scoop with her. Good thing, her house is filled with a world-class home security system that protects her twins, Emme and Maximilian Muniz. We are not yet certain if they will enter the entertainment scene just like their parents. Either way, we know that they have a bright future ahead of them.


Many of you may have been moved to tears by the 2006 film the Pursuit of Happyness, with the heartfelt performance of Will Smith and his son Jaden. There’s no denying that Will’s acting is real, natural and engaging. But Jaden’s is equally touching. When it comes to fortunes and credit score, Will and Jaden Smith definitely don’t have any issues with it. After all, they are one of the most successful personalities in Hollywood and possibly one of the wealthiest, too!

The same can be said to their son, Jaden Smith. Just like both of his parents, he’s already working in Hollywood as an actor at a very young age. As people all remember, he had an outstanding debut in acting for the movie The Pursuit of Happyness back when he’s just a child. He’s now a fine young man who is also working in the music industry as a singer, rapper, and songwriter just like Will.


Taylor Dearden Cranston, or professionally known as Taylor Dearden, is the daughter of the famous actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Bryan Cranston. A bold guess can be made that everybody knows who Bryan Cranston is. However, for those who are living under a rock, the following part will give you a quick pointer. The father Bryan Cranston played the role of the infamous Walter White in Breaking Bad.

Just like her father, she’s also a big personality in Hollywood and already appeared in a couple of productions in the past few years. That also means her credit score is pretty much on the high side. However, she’ll have big shoes to fill if she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps since Bryan’s performance as Walter White is still regarded as one of the best portrayals of a character in recent times.


Charlotte Simpson is the sole daughter of the famous Susan Alexandra Weaver, or professionally known as Sigourney Weaver. Well, if we take a side by side comparison, we will instantly see a resemblance between the two. Just like her mother, she decided to take her talents into the entertainment scenes. However, she is more into the production side of things rather than working in front of the camera.

‘I grew up looking at beautiful clothes in the window,’ she recalled in an interview. She learned to sew when she was about 12 years old… Now she is a designer of a clothing brand. Meanwhile, it looks like her talent in acting always comes out of her shell and she got a couple of movie credits under her name. We can say that acting may be part of her genetic makeup.


The famous English actor Jeremy Irons doesn’t need a long and grand introduction since we all know how talented he is. Apart from his glittering actor status, what else needs to be emphasized is his dubbing skills. His most successful voice role was probably Scar in the 1997 film The Lion King. Even more exaggerated, his voice is even considered by some researchers to be one of the best male voices…

The same can be said about his spouse, Sinéad Cusack. With this kind of powerful line up as your family, you’ll never face any issues with money and bankruptcy. This is what their son, Samuel Irons, felt back in the days. Even with that, it didn’t stop him to pursue a career from his own effort and he followed the footsteps of his parents and ventured to the entertainment scenes with his acting skills carrying him around to the platform he’s now standing today.


Schuyler Frances and Aquinnah Kathleen Fox are the gorgeous twins of Michael J. Fox and his wife Tracy Pollan. This couple met during the filming of “Family Ties” and they got married in 1988. Aquinnah often updates her daily life on Instagram, mostly snapshots of adventures. While Schuyler sometimes walks the red carpet with her family, other than that, she keeps her private life secret.

Over the course of their childhood, these two young ladies didn’t worry about student loans or anything related since both of their parents managed to save up for their education. They also grew up with good values, which they learned from their parents. After all, Michael J. Fox is known as a huge supporter of various movements and also established a foundation named after himself with the sole purpose of finding key details and a possible cure for Parkinson’s disease.


Almost everybody with a huge sense of humor will instantly know who Larry David is. In 1989, Larry David collaborated with comedian Jerry Seinfeld to launch the sitcom “Seinfeld” in which David is the life model of Jerry’s friend George Costanza. This comedy was a huge success. On the other side of the coin, his spouse, Laurie is a huge figure when it comes to environmental issues.

If you have that kind of parents, you might probably put your mind at ease that your future would be bright. That’s probably what was playing in the mind of Cazzie David, daughter of the couple. Just like her father, she is engaged in the entertainment scene and exhibited a huge array of comic skills in her arsenal. In addition, she is also a writer. She recently published a book about the link between anxiety and social media. She was also taught good money management skills from her parents.


Jude Law has a good looking appearance, with a slender figure. He has successfully portrayed a series of morose but fascinating characters on the screen, such as decadent homosexuality, an amorous beautiful youth, cool sniper, etc. On the other side, Sadie Frost is a fashion designer, owning the fashion brand Frost French. Rafferty Law is the handsome son of the former couple Jude Law and Sadie Frost before they hired a divorce lawyer.

He’s now in his early 20s and shows a striking resemblance to his father and some good traits from his mother. Without any behind the scenes influence from both of his parents, he managed to make a name for himself in the modeling scenes. That goes to show how much talent he has. If things run the way they are right now, he’s maybe on pace to easily surpass both of his parents in their respective fields.


Brooklyn Beckham is one of those kids that people can consider blessed having all the things in this world. He has the looks, the brains, and the fortune that could buy all of the expensive things with just one swipe of his credit card. He’s the son of the power couple of David and Victoria Beckham but he managed to stand with his own feet using his sheer talent alone.

Brooklyn Beckham has shown sensitivity to fashion since he was a child. Also, as for photography, he has a unique vision. He can find the beauty that others have not noticed. His photographic composition and style are quite eye-catching. Nowadays, he’s one of the top British models and a bonafide photographer. He is also just in his early 20s so be sure to be on the lookout for him in the coming years.


Bart Freundlich and Julianne Moore have been together since 2003 and their relationship shows no signs of slowing down, unlike most of the famous celebrities out there in Hollywood that hired a couple of lawyers for their divorce after just a couple of years. Probably one of the reasons behind their successful marriage is their children and one of them is Liv Freundlich. Unlike most celebrity children, she’s pretty much spent most of her life away from the limelight.

Even though she appeared in a couple of movies during her early childhood years, it looks like acting is not part of her priorities. However, things may be different in the fashion field. Liv Freundlich has red hair and vivid green eyes, which is exactly like her mother. Even Anna Wintour once had an inspiration that she invited them to appear in VOGUE, interpreting the “Mother-Daughter” theme. With the recognition of this fashion leader, Liv Freundlich may shine in the fashion industry.


Tiger Woods is known as one of the best golfers on the entire planet. He brought home numerous gold chips as well as cash prizes that amounted to millions of dollars. With that in mind, his two children, Sam Alexis Woods and Charlie Woods might not need to worry about any future loans since their father can easily cover for them.

Sam is 2 years older than Charlie. Sam has a great passion for football, with her father being supportive of it. Charlie also likes football, just like his sister. But he is fond of golf as well and often participates in activities with his father. It is too early to tell if Sam or Charlie has any plans of following the footsteps of their father in the sport. After all, they has a free tutorial coming from one of the best golfers in history, and who wouldn’t take advantage of that?


Mariska Hargitay became a household name thanks to her role as the New York Police Department Captain Olivia Benson in the hit series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Her spouse, Peter Hermann, who also played the role of the Defense Attorney, Trevor Langan. Mariska and her husband Peter Hermann got married in 2004.

Two years later, their first child August was born. In 2011, they decided to properly adopt a lovely kid named Amaya and they witnessed the birth of this baby girl. A few months later, they adopted another boy. At this point, this lovebirds’ family is complete. Now their 3 kids are pretty much living a comfortable life nowadays and because of their supporting parents, these kids never worry about any future loans under their name. They also seem to be satisfied living away from the limelight.


Christie Brinkley is a typical blond woman with blue eyes. For 30 years, she has been a well-known model in the United States. She has appeared on the covers of more than 500 magazines. While Billy Joel is a famous singer and pianist. He has sold more than 150 million records worldwide. There is no denying that Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel are really proud that they have a talented daughter Alexa Ray Joel.

Alexa is considered by her fans as talent and beauty mixed together and most people can’t argue that. Over the years, she decided to follow in the footsteps of her father and joined the music industry as a singer, songwriter, and has an exceptional talent as a pianist. With that kind of repertoire in her bag of tricks, it can be sure that she’ll never have to face bankruptcy at any point in her life.


Madonna is one of those celebrities that really love adoptions. Though she can hire the best lawyers out there, it was really smooth sailing always and that’s exactly what happened to the process of adoption for Mercy James. Chifundo “Mercy” James was originally from Malawi and Madonna started the process of adopting her in the earlier part of 2009. However, the high court of Malawi rejected the application process since the “Queen of Pop” is not a resident of the country. Good thing her expert legal team filed an appeal and their request were granted a month later.

Madonna loves her very much. In one of her performances, she invited her to come on stage to celebrate her birthday. Even she opened a hospital named “Mercy James”. This 14-year-old girl loves the piano. She is a fan of Mozart and Debussy. She often shares videos of her graceful piano performance on Instagram.


For any fans of the “King of Pop”, it can be sure that you probably heard the name of Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II. Yes, he is the son of the late Michael Jackson that was born in February 2002. The life of his father is full of mysteries even to this date, let’s just take Blanket Jackson’s case. Up until now, the biological mother of Blanket still remains unknown to the public and probably people close to the family only know the whole story.

Now he prefers people to call him “Big” because the name “Blanket” caused him to suffer some bad things. He is fond of martial arts, and currently, he has become a Youtuber. His video content is mainly about sharing his thoughts on movies. What’s more, he recently made headlines after putting up a lot of investments in a multimillion-dollar home in the Los Angeles area.


The pair up of Riсhаrd Gеrе and Cаrеу Lоwеll was considered a Hollywood royalty right before they hired a couple of lawyers for their divorce. In September 2013, the two entered the wedding church, exchanged rings and vows. However, their close relationship ended after eleven years. It took three full years of legal proceedings before they broke up legally. During that time, their son, Homer James Jigme Gere was only in his early teenage years.

However, the two still remained in close contact with their son. They are also supporting Homer’s finances and with that, he’ll never have to worry about any future loans under his name. He’s now in his early 20’s and has grown to be a fine young man. He has the looks and for sure he has the talent to become successful in the industry where his parents thrived.


Perhaps many people still remember the superhero movie Aquaman released in 2018. It’s filled with famous superstars like Nicole Kidman… But it is undeniable that one of the actors who impress most is Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa. The bearded, muscled man began to make his name. Lola Iolani Momoa is Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s daughter.

Because both of her parents are big stars in Hollywood, she can’t help herself and become accustomed to the glitz and glamour of the industry. Even at a young age, she has a strong foothold of influence on social media platforms. People are probably seeing a star in the making. She also experienced what it felt like to be the spotlight after she got featured in a short film called Canvas of My Life. From the looks of things, she has a bright future ahead and we can confidently say she’ll never experience any issues with a mortgage in the future.


Heidi Klum is known for getting a top spot in the modeling scenes as one of the elite supermodels in the industry. She’s the first model coming from Germany that became a Victoria’s Secret Angel and her face can be seen on many cover pages of various fashion magazines. With that kind of reputation, she needs a house equipped with a well-built home security system to keep unwanted paparazzi off her lawn.

In addition to her well-known modeling role, she is also a girl with a good understanding of fashion. She even designs clothes, shoes and so on for many fashion brands… Her daughter, Helene Boshoven Samuel grew up with that in mind and pretty much dealt with paparazzi for the majority of her childhood. It is still too early to tell if she’ll venture into the modeling scenes just like her mom.


Willow Camille Reign Smith without a doubt was born with a handful of talents imprinted on her genes. Well, what can people expect from the child of famous stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett? Among her brothers is Jaden Smith, who received a lot of applause when he was a child for his natural and sincere performance in The Pursuit of Happyness.

With that saying going, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. At a very young age, Willow Camille Reign Smith’s already accustomed to the limelight of Hollywood and appeared in the 2007 film I Am Legend together with her dad. Her future looks bright for Willow and she already has a stable credit score. She’s also a thriving singer, songwriter, and record producer so we can safely say that she pretty much has a solid career for her age.


Maggie Elizabeth McGraw has a deep connection with animals, especially with marine life. That’s probably why she’s pursuing a degree in Marine Biology at Stanford University. However, people just don’t know if she’ll follow suit the career paths of her parents and dive straight on to the music scenes.

A bold guess can be made that everybody knows who her parents are. However, for those who are living under a rock, the following part will give you a quick pointer. Maggie Elizabeth McGraw is the daughter of the country icons Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Now you see why she has the potential to enter the music industry anytime soon: Growing up in such a family, she naturally inherits her parents’ musical genes. Not to mention, her other siblings have also joined the family bandwagon so we can probably say it is only a matter of time.


Robert Redford is considered a legend in the acting scenes with more than six decades of film and television credits under his name. Since he began his theatrical career in the 1950’s, Robert Redford has gradually become a household name. He has been a movie star for nearly 50 years, and his name Robert Redford is as familiar for people as Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Apple and other American brands…

His former wife, Lola Van Wagenen, is also famous for her work in line with history. Now that’s the family background of the actress, producer, and director Amy Redford. She used her degree in Drama/Theatre Arts that she got from the San Francisco State University to her advantage for her projects such as Maid in Manhattan, The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and The Sopranos.


Patrick Leonard Sajdak, or he is more accustomed to being called his first name Pat Sajak, is publicly known as the host of the game show Wheel of Fortune, which pushed him to 19 nominations for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host. He carried the show through its glorious years and solidified his status as one of the premier game show hosts in Hollywood.

His daughter Maggie Sajak, on the other hand, is making a name for herself in the music industry as a country singer. It is maybe far from the occupation her father held but she’s really successful in that regard as well. With that said, she pretty much has a solid credit record in her account. On top of that, Maggie Sajak has already released a couple of albums with her name on them.


Filling the shoes of the actor Mel Gibson is a huge feat to accomplish and that’s what his son, Milo Gibson, is trying to. It may be said that this young boy inherited an outstanding acting gene from his actor father. Just like his father, he becomes an actor who appeared in a couple of movies. He is just as well-versed as his father in front of the camera…

His debut film was with his father in the 2016 movie Hacksaw Ridge. Milo also appeared in All The Devil’s Men, Breaking and Exiting, and Gangster Land. Though he started his acting career at a later age, with a huge break and a couple of major hits, he will be able to catch up with Mel Gibson’s status. When that time comes, people get their credit cards ready and will buy the tickets for their films.


Marie Osmond is known for her angelic voice that brought us some of the best country music tunes. It comes to no surprise since she is a member of the Osmond family who is famous for their gifts in music. Aside from her reputation as a singer, she’s also an actress and a talk show host. Her schedule looks like it is pretty much full but Marie still managed to find time for her philanthropic works and her family.

In addition to her successful music career, the female singer also has her own unique insights into writing. So far, she has published several books and received a lot of popularity… Speaking of her family, Abigail is one of Marie’s treasures. Back in the days, she and her team of lawyers processed an adoption for she’s one of the lucky bunch.


He was a superstar during the 1970s in the United States. He conquered countless people with his dancing. But he had been going through a rough patch for 10 years since the 1980s. In 1994, he staged a comeback because of the movie “Pulp Fiction” directed by Quentin Tarantino. He created a character, Vincent with a distinctive personality and his swing dance in the movie became a classic. He is John Travolta.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen little signs of aging from John Travolta. However, his daughter, Ella Bleu Travolta has seen major changes compared to her younger self. These changes were for the better. Just like her father, she also took a leap towards the entertainment scenes as an actress. She’ll pretty much do well also as a model and it is probably the right time to bring her credit cards and start buying designer clothes in her wardrobe.


John Wayne was famous back in the days because of his box-office hits coming from western-inspired films. In 1939, John Ford asked him to act in the film “Stagecoach”, which is the successful beginning of his acting career. He’s one of the top actors back in the days and cemented his legacy as a bonafide superstar. He had already exceeded the general criteria for distinguishing a famous actor. The reason for saying this is because he represented American values ​​in that era.

Just like her father, Aissa Wayne also entered the entertainment scene. However, she didn’t have the same luck as her father got from Hollywood. However, she used it as a motivation and slowly made her way towards studying law. She is now a family law attorney and held the position of the criminal prosecutor in the past. She also sparingly appears as a legal analyst for various news programs.


The actress Loni Anderson was on the top of her career after she portrayed the receptionist Jennifer Marlowe in the hit sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. During the course of her stay in the show, she was awarded three Golden Globe Awards and a pair of Emmy Award nominations. When Loni was a teenager, she married and gave birth to her daughter Deidre. But soon, she divorced her first husband. At that time, she was still a college student. In order to take good care of Deidre, she had to find some jobs, which became an opportunity for her to enter the showbiz.

Now, her daughter, Deidre Hoffman also followed in her footsteps and joined the Hollywood ranks and appeared in a couple of films throughout the years. She also has experience as a school administrator. Though she wasn’t as successful as her mother, she managed to get more than enough savings to save her from any unwanted loans.


Sam Alexis Woods is a loyal fan of FC Barcelona, and her most admired football player is Lionel Messi with whom she often compares her father, Tiger Woods. However, she is also interested in golf. She is the living proof that a golfer’s blood is real. Just like her father Woods, she’s also an accomplished golfer at a very young age. Well, that’s easy to understand. Because she has one of the best golfers in the world waiting for her on the sidelines.

In fact, her father indeed did it. In one account, Tiger Woods admitted that he handed over a golf club to her daughter a few weeks after she was born. All of his investment towards her daughter for the sport that he loves paid off and people might see a replacement for his throne in the near future.


Sean Combs, or he is more accustomed to be called his stage name Puff Daddy, left a mark in the music industry by achieving almost everything that is offered on the table. He’s known for his work as a rapper and singer while working behind the scenes as a songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur. Now that he got millions of dollars in his bank account, he and his family will never have to worry about their mortgages.

Justin Combs, his son, maybe a big part of his success in the industry. Although he did not follow in his father’s footsteps into the entertainment industry, Justin is also at the forefront of his own field: football. Well, we could say that you need that lucky charm to be successful. P. Diddy got one. In fact, one of his businesses is named after his son, the restaurant called Justin’s.


Salma Hayek’s role as Frida Kahlo in Frida almost pushed her to the Oscar stage. Apart from its widespread attention, it is, meanwhile, one successful commercial film. The global box office finally reached $56. 3 million. Valentina Paloma Pinault is the daughter of Salma Hayek and French billionaire, Francois-Henri Pinault. For the young Valentine, however, she’s just happy to accompany her mom to events and receive good compliments for her designer’s clothes and fashion sense.

Already, Valentina easily becomes one of the wealthiest celebrity kids who is sure set in life and her next generation. As having investment money is not a problem for her, there’s really not much pressure for her to earn. But as a matter of great concern for every parent, it matters that their children live to chase their dreams. Valentina Paloma Pinault has a long way to go and it’s best to enjoy her teens the best way she can.

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