NFL Players With Partners Who Stayed With Them Through Good Times and In Bad

It is a known fact that NFL players are bound to live the good life. With huge net worth which if often paired with a vast fan base, they surely know how staying in the limelight feels. Though most of them managed to live a private live, there are those who are followed around by paparazzi’s, fans, and mostly critics. Most may have had their struggles exposed, but most have amazing partners who stayed with them through it all. Things may be challenging, but with their ladies by their side, that managed to make it through.


Though they may be a new couple, they did manage to stay together through the ups and downs. NFL player Aaron Rodgers stayed with the Green Bay Packers as his sporting team since 2005. With his tenure, they managed to win one Super Bowl championship to date. Just like his career, his love life is also going well. Looks like Aaron is a lucky guy in both aspects of his life.

As they say, it’s not the number of years you’ve known or been with each other; it’s how strong the foundation of the relationship is, and how much one is willing to make it last. In 2018, he stared dating Danica Patrick, who is also a big name in as she is a famous race car driver. Though she already retired, she did manage to set aside investment money to keep her going.