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They May Be Old but These Legendary Celebrities Still Have No Plans to Retire

Legendary celebrities are considered the pillars of the movie industry for the talents they have shown and the time they have spent in the entertainment world. They have inspired a lot of young artists and even gave birth to a new generation of actors and actresses that will follow in their footsteps. Although it may be hard to be cast on the shadow of their famous parents, their brood proves that they can also make a name for themselves. One great example is Kirk Douglas’ son, Michael Douglas.

Although some believe that a lot of movie stars from the Golden Age are now gone today, a lot of them are still alive – proving they still even got it and have no plans to retire. However, others already wanted to enjoy the fruit of their labor by securing their insurances to enjoy their retirement. So, here is the list of the legendary celebrities that you never know are still alive.

Mel Brooks


Mel Brooks is known for a lot of things. He is an actor, director, comedian, and producer. In the long span of his career, his accolades include a Grammy, Tony, Academy, and Emmy Awards. At 93-years-old, Brooks has no plan to retire. It looks like there is no stopping Brooks from acting.

He has been a part of Toy Story 4 and still has three movie projects coming up. With $85 million net worth, it seems it will continuously grow with his nonstop work despite her age. Surely, Brooks and his family don’t have to opt for any loans because of his wealth.